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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Scatterings of things 
9th-Sep-2015 03:06 pm
Again, never time to write anything substantive on here!

* Aimee had job interviews yesterday and today, so I had some scraps of writing time. "The Hollow" continues apace. Once again, I'm choosing to do things I've never done before...

* Life is busy! Adam and I are going to Ghost Quartet tonight, and we're all going to Best of Sirlesque 2 on Friday (Aimee and I are stage kittening). Also there are dates. Also houseguests.

* Redyed my hair pink and purple with some teal bits. Need to take pictures.

* Once I've had a little more time in this air conditioning, I need to venture back to the dining room and decide which of the poems we bought this cycle will be in the next issue of Liminality, and which we'll be holding for the winter issue!

* Consider subscribing or sponsoring Liminality! I deliberately planned sustainability into our business model so we'd never be dependent on the endless cycle of Kickstarters and Indiegogos. But more money = more poems. :)

* Elayna is back at college! She's enjoying her semester so far. We had her at home for just the right amount of time, the tail end of this summer.

* Nicky had his followup echocardiogram, and it looks like his meds are working! Yay Nicky! (EDIT: Just realized I never posted here about this! At his annual checkup, they discovered a heart murmur; they had me bring him back in June, and it had gotten worse, so he had his first echo. Heart disease. :( But the meds and early cardiac diet are working! We are committed to keeping this pup happy and healthy for as long as possible! Echos are expensive, though, man.) Also, I bought him his Halloween costume; he's going to be a dragon. :)

* Arisia scheduling is happening. Got any literature panel ideas? Give 'em here!

* I'm looking at my calendar to figure out what else to update people on. I go to a bunch of shows, I have a bunch of dates, I have been going to a lot of parties! I'm looking forward to autumn.

And now I must go do more work! But ask me for updates on stuff in comments, if you're curious.
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