Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

The Gojirawitz Bestiary

Just scrolled back to see if I'd talked about the current group of pets in any depth, and I really haven't. Last year had lots of things in it!

I know I've talked about Nicky. Adopting him continues to have been one of my best decisions ever. <3 He's snoring delicately in my lap right now. Sweetest boy! He's grown more and more comfortable with new people... the guy who doesn't have a code name yet (EDIT: Matthew has decided he doesn't require a code name, although the disambiguation promises to be hilarious - not Ashlyme, not Mangosteen, the other Matthew!) immediately joined the exclusive club of people that Nicky instantly adores. Flopping over on his lap begging for pets. Adorable. Nick's a happy boy. <3

Bash is still a Murder Cat. And an expensive one - we spent over a thousand dollars on his cornea late last year! >.< He's better now, and he'd better stay that way. We've had him almost two years now. The belly is only sometimes a trap.

We got Whisper on Mother's Day last year, a long-distance gift from my parents. After years of maintaining a three-cat household, having just two pets felt weird! Whisper was Elayna's choice... I wanted a feistier cat or a lap cat, but the shelter wasn't sure about giving a feisty one to a household that had a 13-year-old cat. Bash is feisty! *pout* But Whisper utterly charmed Elayna, and gradually but definitely became her cat. I have told her that when she moves into her first apartment after college and takes Whisper, she owes me a cat. Whisper is given to surprise episodes of lap-catting and very firm head-butts from behind.

And then there's Charlotte, the baby of the bunch at ~2 1/2. Friends in NYC had to rehome her because she needed more constant companionship than they could give her. She's happy here; she often perches on my file cabinet when I'm in here working, and on the mantel when I'm in the living room. She is *not* a lap cat, but she *is* a snuggler when one is horizontal. She is soft and pretty and deeply uncertain about hugs, and peeps wonderfully. She and Whisper do not love each other. :/ We were looking into rehoming her because of all the fighting, but thankfully they dialed that back. Now they just choose to not be on the same floor of the house as each other.

And that is the current makeup of our household! Plus me and Adam and, soon, fairylogic.
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