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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
PLZ HALP: Housemate needed in Watertown, MA, by January 1 
4th-Dec-2014 12:44 pm
Signal-boosting for wired_lizard - her house, not mine!

(But mine is walking distance from hers so that's cool.)

Originally posted by wired_lizard at PLZ HALP: Housemate needed in Watertown, MA, by January 1
URGENT! I am looking for a housemate here in Watertown (suburban Boston) starting January 1. Geek house, queer-friendly, a well-furnished and well-established household in a great location. Rent is $920/mo. including electricity, internet, and gas; does not include heat. More below the fold.

Please, please, please link and circulate this, email it to anyone you know who's looking, etcetera! Due to some setbacks out of my control, I'm starting this housemate hunt on the late side, and I'd really like to have somebody lined up in the next two or three weeks. Send me a message here on DW or LJ, or email me at arkady [dot] lizard [at] gmail if you're interested!


- This is the second floor of a classic suburban-Boston two-family in a green and quiet neighborhood. Hardwood floors, moldings, the usual.
- Free and ample on-street parking in the summer. In the winter, we will have to play driveway tetris if you have a car, but there is space for one.
- Relatively quick access to turnpike and Storrow/Memorial drives.
- Right on one of the more reliable bus lines (71), running to Harvard Square in one direction and Watertown Square in the other.
- Quick drive, bus access, or one-mile walk/bike to Watertown Square (banks, CVS, post office, etcetera.) Supermarket also on bus line in other direction. Short drive or long walk to Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, and several small shopping malls. Many delicious Armenian and Middle Eastern bakeries and groceries within a one-mile radius.


- Dishwasher, disposal, gas stove, microwave, well-equipped kitchen.
- Free laundry in basement.
- Front and back porches. I do some container gardening on the small front porch in the summer; the back is terminally shady but larger. If you smoke, do it out there.
- Nigh-infinite attic storage.
- I have a Costco membership and can try to arrange for you to have the second card.
- For media interests: Wii, backwards-compatible PS3 with Netflix and Crunchyroll subscriptions, and surround sound.
- Also a printing station with a B&W laser printer and a large-format pro color printer.
- For crafty interests: sewing machine and related equipment, and a lot of miscellaneous tools; there is space available in a small front room for crafting, and we can rearrange it as needed.
- For musical interests: Steinway baby grand piano!
- In general, this is a well-furnished household. I could even provide a dresser and at least some sort of desk for your room, if you're moving in with few resources. About the only thing I can't readily provide is a bed.

About Me

I work part-time, and spend most of my time beyond that quietly puttering around the house. I sometimes have one or two people over, but almost never parties, though I'd welcome co-hosting. I am moderately untidy but constantly improving, especially with common areas. I welcome and cultivate the curled-on-opposite-ends-of-the-couch-working-on-our-things-but-occasionally-exchanging-cat-pictures housemate experience. As you might have gathered, I'm a geek; geeks welcome. (My current housemate and I have spent hours making cosplay for obscure gay samurai video games together with Star Trek on in the background, just for context. I write and run theatrical LARPs with my girlfriend, hence the printing station. Geek.)

About You

This is a queer/nonbinary friendly house, and I have no gender preference in housemates. (I'm cisfemale myself.) My rental agreement only allows me to have one housemate, so no couples or families, sorry! (At least no couples living together; visiting is of course welcome.) Ideally I'm looking for a fellow geek who's interested in having a laid-back, vaguely tidy household that includes a cat of some provenance (see below.) Non-smoker preferred. If you have major mold allergies, this may not be the place for you, as the bathroom has no fan (probably the single biggest problem with the apartment) and thus is a mold farm.


My current housemate is moving out with their cat, so the house will be petless; however, I would love to have a pet, one way or another. I have landlord permission for a cat (two different cats by now have held the cat slot), and would have to check for a well-behaved dog or cage pet, but it could probably be arranged. If you come with your own cat, cat is welcome! If you do not but are cat-friendly and nonallergic, I will get my own, as I have wanted to for some time. Other pet arrangements can probably be worked out; we can talk.


Rent of $920 a month includes electricity, internet, and gas for the stove. (If our electricity bill goes way over usual due to air conditioning in heat waves or what-have-you, I might ask for a bit extra.) It does not include heating oil, unfortunately! That's obviously unpredictable; last year, my housemate's half of the oil was probably about $1300 for the whole winter. The rent is stable because our landlord breaks out any property tax increases and invoices us for them as a direct one-time charge rather than factoring them into the rent, so once a year there may be an extra bill to split, usually about $200-250 total. Also I don't carry cable TV or a landline, but if you want those things, we could discuss them.

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