Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

General catchup

* We have been without a furnace for over three weeks now. >.> The part that failed was installed in 1961, and apparently there were structural and safety concerns. Landlord and contractors went back and forth on repair vs. replacement for a while until the contractors flatly refused to repair ("we don't wanna get sued"), so the old furnace was hauled out on Monday, and they've been working on installing the new one all week. They're down there right now. A lot of stuff needed updating, apparently. We're managing with a couple of space heaters and electric blankets. It's been good to save money on the gas bill? But we will really appreciate warmth when we get it (hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow).

* Poor Bash has a scratched cornea! :( This apparently works out totally okay with application of topical antibiotics and atropine, sometimes, so I am squeezing things directly onto Murder Cat's eyeball 4 times a day, which is exactly as fun as you think it is. He has a follow-up at the vet tomorrow at 3 - anyone local available to give us a ride? Adam's out of town, and Bash HATES being confined - bus is a possibility, but takes much longer than car and I worry about Revenge Shitting.

* My full-body imaging will be this Thursday. Wish me luck!

* I've mostly been posting recommended long reads on Facebook; feel free to friend me there or just pop over and look.

* Liminality is halfway through its reading period for our winter issue! Send us poems! Tell your friends!

* I need to write a post about me and dating, because I have a lot of big thoughts about how my needs and desires have been affected by recent relationships and have shifted just within the past year. In the meantime, I am dating someone local now apparently! and have two first dates in the next two weeks. Fascinating.

* Holy crap Thanksgiving is coming up soon. This is a very fast year.
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