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* Well, I got my genome-sequencing results back. It is... not good. I'm not sharing publicly until I do another test (full-body imaging to determine exactly how much to panic) and have some family conversations. It will be public eventually, in that it'll sorta have to be - the most likely potentially-fatal complication is something that's low on ERs' differential diagnoses, so I'll need people to be able to say "Look for X first!" when they call 911. And that is my silver lining, I guess, is that knowing where to direct ER attention might save enough time to save my life. So, well, I am a bit fragile this week.

* Liminality is open for submissions for issue #2! Our guidelines are here. You have til the end of the month! Submit!

* "Becca at the End of the World" got an Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow's Year's Best Horror! I am chuffed. It was reprinted in Zombies: More Recent Dead (ed. Paula Guran), if you like your stories in print form, and is still readable for free at Apex.

* Speaking of, Apex bought my story "Never Chose This Way", which is one of the two I wrote this summer during my streak of exploring the justifiable rage of teenage girls.

* My poem "Four Chambers" just sold to Mythic Delirium. It is not completely about hearts.

* The novel is still sitting. Waiting. I might try re-reading it tomorrow or Friday? I'm at a place of Totally Done with it, in my writerbrain, which is jarring after it being my primary focus for so long. Like, no sequel, this story is told, boom goodbye. But it does need an edit, and some stuff layered in.

* And I should write some short fiction and poetry before diving into revisions? I think? I am supposed to? I'd like to do something for Accessing the Future, just because, but I'm not sure what yet. The one piece of short fiction that's knocking at my brain is one I'm trying to not do yet because it is at least a novella, and I want to do something shorter, but. It's a bit insistent.

* We got to see Elayna for Halloween! And will see her again on Saturday for a concert!

And now I must go walk the dog. (I remain excited about the fact that I have a dog. Nicodemus is super awesome.)
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