Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Why there's been less LJ

Here is my day so far!

* Awakened by dog whining. Tell dog to stop whining. Dog complies. (Dog is awesome.) Drift awake slowly. Realize that it is 9.

* walk dog feed dog shower breakfast work-related e-mails brief catchup on LJ friendslist because I gotta be out by 10.

* Doctor! because I had an atypical probable-seizure Thursday night. And have been feeling... off since then. About an hour of talking + testing; my supraventricular tachycardia could've set off the weirdness, so I got an EKG, and I could be overmedicated because of how significant the stress-based weight loss has been, et cetera, so blood draw. Referral to neurologist. Setting up a general plan.

* Rush home, walk dog, get voicemail about Bash's test results (he is peeing on things and the urine smells sweet, so he had bloodwork Saturday; bloodwork mostly clear, slight ambiguity, need to talk to vet). Call vet back, leave message. Make neurologist appointment for next week. Quick work e-mails and base-touching with family about Bash as I eat lunch.

* Three-hour foster care home study! This was the deep background interview. I'll write more about this entire process in its own post.

* Walk dog. Missed vet call during home study - call back, leave message, apologize profusely. Should get call back in half an hour.


Now I need to hang up clean clothes while waiting for the vet to call. At 7 I'm picking up the equipment for my at-home sleep study. I have remembered to put my checkbook in my purse! (They require a check for $75 as collateral, to be voided upon return of equipment.)

Then I get to watch TV?

So yeah. Life is busy. And this is it starting to slow down...

Tomorrow is blissfully free after I return the sleep study equipment. Tomorrow, I write.
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