Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Okay so here's the sitch.

ashlyme and I are working on selecting which poems will go in issue #1 of Liminality. The problem is this: We bought twice as many poems as we had room for, figuring that half would go into issue #2...

...but all of these poems together just flow in a perfect way, and we want to do a double-sized issue #1.

I mean it. Like, we nudged them into order and it was like a light descended from the heavens and a choir of angels sang.

But we only have the budget for half of them.

I haven't been pushing the "support us!" thing, but we do have a way that you can support us. From our sponsorship page:

$10: Sponsor a poem directly! You’ll be listed on our Sponsors page and thanked in that issue’s editorial.

$25: Your pet is our mascot for the issue! Send us a pet picture and a brief bio to grace the page of that issue’s editorial.

$100: Sponsor an issue! Be an epic patron of speculative poetry! You’ll get all of the appreciations listed above, and we’ll work out something special with that issue’s editorial.

Want to give us more money? Oh, please do. Contact us at liminalitypoetry AT, and we’ll figure out something fun.

If we get $120, we can do the whole double issue. This is a small total, so anything you can chip in really does count!

Click here to sponsor poems!
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