Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


September 6. Our house. 2pm to whenever. RSVP here.

From the event page:

I was trying to think up a clever name and whatever, but hey, let's just have a party. :) IF someone volunteers as grillmaster, we could make this into Pig Cotillion 2 (The Repiggening). But regardless, let's just have fun.

For now, the party is unthemed, although I encourage you to bring random stuff and spawn off a multitude of subthemes. Open-house style - show up whenever, leave whenever. Bring food if you like; if you do, please label ingredients! Gaming is likely to happen in the basement.

Standard house stuff: We have three cats and one dog. The dog does not want you to pet him. We'll do our best to clean up, but it's impossible to eradicate all dander; medicate if necessary! We are on the 71 and 73 bus lines, and we have ample free street parking.

Since stating party rules is a thing now: This is a no-abusers-allowed house. Adam and I will do our level best to ensure that you will never see one here. If there's a missing stair that we're unaware of, please tell us. We want our house and all of our gatherings to be as safe as possible for our community.


(There's nothing like inviting people to a party to remind one just how many circles exist in the greater Boston geek community. This'll be an interesting mixer!)

Please someone volunteer as grillmaster? *sparkle*
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