Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Many thanks to those who've been awesome over the past few days; I really appreciate you.

Just a note that I continue to be HELLA BUSY. Readercon starts this evening - here's my schedule! Note that Thursday at Readercon is FREE, which mean, locals, that you can attend my reading if you'd like! And if you like the con tonight, buy a membership and join us for the weekend!

Me-at-Readercon stuff:

* Yes, I am huggable; just make sure I know you're there first!
* Yes, I'm still in The Boot for my broken foot. It doesn't slow me down very much, thank goodness.
* My only solid meal plans = the poetry dinner on Saturday. If you want to grab lunch, dinner, or a drink, let me know! There are lots of restaurants in the immediate area that have GF options, and most are very affordable.

So Readercon should be good, and enderfem arrives right after Readercon, which makes me all the happy. <3

As far as the ongoing contretemps, I'm not going to be at my computer to refute lies and misrepresentations, but all of my Judah posts are public and tagged with his name, so if you *are* choosing to engage, that's where you can find accurate info to refer to. (If you're not, I respect that 100%. Do not use spoons you can't afford. This stuff is difficult for a lot of us.)

I am gonna see if I can get a shred of writing in. This is my last chance this week, so wish me luck! I hope to see a bunch of y'all at the con!
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