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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Aside from that. 
27th-Jun-2014 03:11 pm
Judah took over a lot of my week, but he didn't take over all of it.

I did more writing; decent amount of work done on the novel Wednesday and Thursday, mostly Thursday. Today Elayna and her partner cut my writing time short almost to nonexistence, but I just had a helpful rubber duck debugging session with ashlyme to figure out a thing about the structure of the novel, and I am energized all over again about it.

ashlyme and I also went through the whole Liminality slushpile yesterday. Our problem at this point = too much really good stuff, and the reading period is open for a whole 'nother month! We're really excited about what we're going to be bringing you. :)

Also I submitted a poem somewhere I've never dared before.

And I applied to be a Planned Parenthood clinic escort! They've already gotten back to me; interviews/training in the next two weeks.

We have so far facilitated meetings between new kitty Charlotte and, separately, Nicky and Bash. Charlotte was discomfited both times. Bash was sanguine. Nicky was in PAROXYSMS OF PUPPY JOY. Oh, man, he loves cats. Charlotte and Whisper have been warning each other about each other's presence through the closed door; we'll see how *that* intro goes tonight...

The broken foot is still waking me up at night. The problem is that the muscles are stiff, so I flex my foot in my sleep, which brings the pain that jars me awake... will report this to the orthopedist on Monday if it doesn't stop. Not walking on it all day tomorrow = sound decision. I have evening plans with friends; hopefully during the day I'll get some writing done and get Charlotte's cat tree put together. Mechanically inclined friends are welcome to help (plus we need help getting the AC units in); we have a bunch of parts and no instructions. COMEDY.

And that's how things are beyond the obvious.
30th-Jun-2014 06:40 am (UTC)
If you aren't doing it, turmeric is your friend for anti-inflammatory mechanisms, thereby making your healing time go faster! Let me know if you want all the data, because this is one of the wonder herbs I'm researching.
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