Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Last small post for now, then I have to go shower, then write...

Current household/relationship roll call!

Elayna is 19, I know, you guys, ridiculous. She's transferred colleges and will be attending Framingham State in the fall, still majoring in Elementary Education.

Still married to Adam (yendi, Tsalmoth and Yendi on Twitter). No news is good news? Life is good, he's doing cool stuff at work, and he and I are working on a nifty project that we'll post about very soon. And we're talking about renewing our vows for our ten-year wedding anniversary this October.

Dating Mat (ashlyme, Damsonfox on Twitter). Sadly this is long-distance. Lots of poetic pining! He and I are co-editing Liminality, which is gonna be so awesome.

* Guild Navigator Nicodemus Pontifex (Nicky), age 6?, chihuahua/corgi mix. Has adjusted well to our household, but does still need training to help him get over his anxiety, which is $400, and I dunno, we'll find it somehow.
* Count Sebastian Vorcattigan (Bash), age 13?, Maine Coon. Still gorgeous and mildly disdainful and gigantic.
* Milady de Whisper (Whisper or Wisp), age 5?, tuxedo kitty, new as of Mother's Day. Slinky and sneaky and to be adored on her terms alone.
* Charlotte, age 2?, tortie. New as of this past Friday! Has not yet accrued additional names or titles, though Elayna thinks she might be an empress. Absolutely darling, very smart, adores people.

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