Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

And since? Yeah. Busybusy.

* The day after Wiscon, I took a bus out to Vermont for a Frank Turner concert! Had a wonderful time with Jake, Aimee, and Toby. <3 This was absolutely the right choice; I got to effect a slow re-entry into everyday life. Plus. Frank Turner. And I got my Dobra Tea, which is my traditional last act at Wiscon; the Dobra in Madison closed down, but there's one in Burlington!

* Elayna got all her transfer-student stuff done!

* Friday and Saturday = plotting and planning with Mat and, later, Adam. You'll see some of the results of that soon. :) This isn't just my Year of Being Brave - it's my year of figuring out what I really want and making it happen.

* Saturday night was a great party, which meant Sunday was largely recovery!

* Monday was mostly cleaning up for tomorrow's foster care home visit.

* Yesterday was try #2 with sedated dentistry - and it worked! Tripled the sedative. I was pretty much floating in and out during the procedure. Which apparently gets done in two parts; they'll call me today to schedule part 2. I am very happy that I got through that without my PTSD being triggered. SO happy. Being utterly exhausted in my brain and body all day and night was annoying, but worth it.

Today Elayna's going to Maeve's and I'll have some writing time; tomorrow is the home visit, an orthopedist appointment, and dinner with a friend from out of town. And now you are caught up.

At least as much as you can be. Because spoilers.

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