Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

"How are you doing?" I was asked last night, and my reply was "I am sufficiently busy that "busy" is the most accurate descriptor of how I'm doing."

Among other things, I copyedited six manuscripts in five weeks, got to and past the halfway point on the novel, did a bunch of work for a friend's startup, kept up with the physical therapy, and coached my daughter through the end of her first year of college (which she was having a great deal of difficulty with). While balancing a bunch of other things. I didn't often feel overloaded, but I definitely felt fully loaded!

I am behind on everything and don't know how y'all are doing. So tell me. How are you doing?

Elayna's home for the summer now, so the schedule I established is pretty null and void. We took the weekend as destressing time, but today she and I need to talk about how this is going to work and set about finding her a job.

I already know that I'm going to be doing a bit less, going forward, knowing how I was teetering on the edge of overload a lot. I need to stop saying yes to every copyediting gig; we need the money, but also I need to be working on my own writing. I'm not going to do the next round of the knitting competition because I essentially need to have fewer things that have a hard deadline; that, and it's restrictive. I have things I've been wanting to knit for myself, and now for my baby niece and for ashlyme. And I've taken The Sweater Eternal (Elayna's Still Light Tunic) out to work on again. Five more inches of stockinette in the round, ribbed hem, then sleeves and pockets...

I had my last physical therapy appointment. I'm approved for one more, but we're saving that for if I need to upgrade my exercises or if something goes wrong. We hit the point where I could keep up on the PT on my own. I will still have to do the exercises every day forever, but I'll do it, because they make a tangible difference.

*stretch* Hello, May. Let's figure out how you're going to go.
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