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Hello LJ.

I should do a post! If for no other reason than that my tabs are piling up.

* I announced elsenet but not here - Upper Rubber Boot Press will be publishing an ebook of my stories "The Angel of Fremont Street" and "Fortune" (Vegas version, not carnival version)! Those of you who have Ravens in the Library and have read "Fortune" will know that it's been "The Angel of Fremont Street"'s twin all along. Very happy to be able to give it a wider audience. The ebook will be called "The Selves We Leave Behind", and I need to write a summary of the two stories for the back cover today. I... have no idea how to do that. But yes, after that comes out, I'd love to have a conversation here with interested parties about how the stories interlock.

* I have two reprints coming up that I should be able to tell you about soon. One I submitted to, one I was solicited for, and I am ridiculously happy about that latter one. I'm still in a place where I don't really know if anyone who doesn't know me is reading me, and oh, hello respected editor gushing about that story! I am feeling like a writer again this year.

* Speaking of reprints, I can tell you that "The Library, After" is getting around. It's been reprinted in the final print issue of Mythic Delirium - a wonderful retrospective! And, in the tradition of Rhysling-winning poems, it'll be in The Nebula Awards Showcase. Yes, apparently the showcase runs a bit behind.

* Physical therapy continues apace, and it is actually tangibly working. Which doesn't mean no pain. But it means less pain, and, importantly, more control. I am very glad I have the doctor I have. Seriously. Jackpot.

* Part of the reason for my recent LJ absence is that I've been very busy Getting Big Things Done. Downside is that I've been busy, but the upside is that I have gotten a lot of big things done! I'm not feeling constantly behind anymore.

* Another part is that I've had a lovely distraction lately, of which more later. <3

* For various reasons, I've been going about my life in a very deliberate way these days. I am very aware that, due to being in constant crisis over the past two years, I made poor decisions because I didn't have the time to evaluate them and never looked back to fix them, and fell into an all-consuming relationship right past several red flags because too much was going on to really evaluate. Two years of having to snap-decide things is... not good, and a habit I absolutely needed to break. As part of that "who do I want to be" question in January - when I was partially freed from that wheel (finally freed after last month's mishegoss) - I knew I needed to take time to make decisions and come from a place of stability. Is this the right choice? Is this the right choice for me now? Am I looking at this thing in its fullness? I've been out of crisis long enough to make this a habit, and it feels really good. I have a lot more confidence in my choices.

Link Soup
* "Call my Name", by Melissa Febos. This essay. Guys. Beautiful. Read it.
* 5 Ways Growing Up in a Broken Home Screws Your Love Life. I can see echoes of every one of these in Michael's reactions and behaviors (he's all Polar Opposites); I hope he reads it. He found great value in this article by the same author. We can change our lives, but often that takes actually realizing what needs changing, what terrible lessons we've internalized.
* And this post about emotional abuse is right on the money.
* Have you seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier yet? SEE IT. I have some feels, y'all. If you, have, some SPOILERY links: Hello Tailor's analysis, parts one and two, and an Easter egg/reference guide.

Doctor calls, writing, copyediting, writing that back-cover copy, research (while chatting with a marvelous Person), dinner not-a-date-I'm-pretty-sure.
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