Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

singing my restoration

Yesterday was a day of healing.

Started off with a long and winding conversation that was so perfectly what I hadn't realized I needed, in ways that are difficult to explain. One day after the novel's done, maybe, I'll revisit, I'll follow the tendrils. It needs thinking on. But it started my day off with joy and gratitude and kinship.

My physical therapist teases me now. He upgraded the resistance band for one of my exercises, and I half-mock-complained; he laughed at me. "You're lucky you don't have [Other PT]! She'd've put you on that one last week!" And the other PT laughed and said she'd've put me on the strongest resistance band for talking back. :) My form has improved, my PT says. It's not his way to say that every time, so I know it has. Also I've gotten the whole place started on Sock Dreams; they check out my socks every time I go. (Yesterday's.)

This gif is tremendously useful when one is instructed to walk down the hallway with a 20-pound kettlebell in one hand, keeping one's back and hips absolutely straight. I wobbled at first, then stopped, rearranged myself, came from my core, thought "MURDER", and walked. "Perfect!", my PT said.

I took my jacket off as I walked home from Harvard Square. Perfect, beautiful early spring day. Finally. My iPod gave me happy songs. When I got home, Adam was making shepherd's pie, and Nicky was so happy to see me. :)

Last night's concert was Storm Large, at RegattaBar in the Charles Hotel. We were in the second row of tables, thisclose to Storm. Adam had only heard one of her songs, so he had no idea what he was in for. *grin* When she opened with an incredible reimagining of "Under My Skin", I knew she had him, and it only got better from there. Storm grew up in Wstern Mass and spent a lot of her misspent youth that street-punk pit in Harvard Square, so I knew there'd be a hometown crowd... her whole family was there, and her high school French teacher. :) And we had the incredible fortune of being there when she sang the song she'd written while her best friend's mother was dying to her best friend, two tables away from us.

Encore One (video from not-our-concert):

Encore Two, dedicated to her brother and his fiance in the audience:

The lesson here is that when I tell you that you have to come to a show, believe me. I haven't been wrong yet. :) On the way home, Adam requested that I send him her entire discography, which I did before bed. :)

Spring is here; there is new growth.

Now I'm going to go write.
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