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I have a lot I could say about my exes' behavior, the emerging pattern of my no always meaning yes to them (not in a sexual way, thank goodness), their choice to lie to and recruit mutual friends and acquaintances when I was respectfully giving space, et cetera; I could fill several posts. But that's what they want. So some of this will get talked about later, because it's very interesting indeed (two of the clearest disregardings of my no happened the week after Judah raped me, when I was in shock and easily steerable).

But for right now, I have work to do. I have the novel, I have the body stuff, I have preparation for the next phase of everything. I do not have time for them to keep yanking me back into their bizarre and twisted world.

So here is my request of you, friends and readers:

When you see them pulling shady shit, do not tell me.

Because it's the "wtf? is this actionable?" stuff that keeps landing in my mailbox that pulls me off course into dealing with their bullshit, and I do not want to be doing that.

Instead, if you see something shady, tell Adam. I trust him to decide whether it's a thing I need to know about. Because a bunch of this, honestly, is stuff it does not serve me to hear about.

I understand the impulse, but I am drawing a boundary here.

And when you're deciding who to listen to, look at who's always been open and honest here and has externally verifiable data, and who refused to take the stand because all they had was a pile of false accusations that they could provide no evidence for. Because, y'know, I think that that incident is a handy microcosm for how everyone involved chooses to live their lives.

I'm just going to keep being me.

And I have work to do.

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