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My Vericon Schedule

Possibly still in flux, but this looks more developed than the last version, so here's hoping!

8pm-9pm: Writing Panel - Patrick Rothfuss, Saladin Ahmed, Shira Lipkin
This panel is geared towards the mechanics of story-writing i.e. how to develop characters, settings, and ideas for a story. It's very much geared at giving the best advice you can to any potential writers in the audience. - Lead by Shuvom Ghose (Sever 113)

10am-11am: Poetry and Music - Shira Lipkin, Greer Gilman, Patrick Rothfuss
What do you do with them, and how do poetry and prose differ? A Rhysling Award winner, the most poetic prose writer living, and the man who invented the Eolian and has his characters exchanging rhymed couplets in dialog discuss. - Led by Jo Walton (Sever 214)

1pm-2pm: Seen One Elf, Seen 'Em All - Saladin Ahmed, Scott Lynch, Max Gladstone, Shira Lipkin
How do you get away from cod-medieval Europe fantasyland? There's an exciting recent trend towards more original kinds of fantasy worlds, ones drawing on other cultures. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new approach? - Led by Carl Engel-Laird (Sever 113)

8pm-10pm: Milk and Cookies - This is totally optional, so if you're exhausted by this point, feel free to return to your hotels and rest. That being said, if you want to do any sort of readings of your own work, or even just share some your own personal favorite works, please participate! To explain the concept of Milk and Cookies, it's a HRSFA/HRSFAN tradition where we all get together and share short stories in a circle (or in the case of Vericon, several circles), while sharing snacks, particularly the eponymous milk and cookies.

Vericon is a wee little con with some really excellent guests. It's this weekend, at Harvard. You should come. And I'm taking requests for my Milk and Cookies reading...
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