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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
13th-Mar-2014 11:35 am
Elayna's home for spring break, and Adam took the week off. (Originally we were going to be going to Florida to meet my new nephew, but I do not have the new nephew I thought I'd have because the birth mother was a scam artist; there was a post up about that for like 10 minutes and then I thought maybe some of the stuff in it was too painful/revealing for my sister. But yes, that's another awfulness that happened. My sister is still hoping to adopt. I'll keep working on the baby blanket.)

So this week became a Do All The Things week. And I've been in pain since Saturday's (amazing wonderful worth it) party. So. FUN.

What we've been up to:

* Elayna is looking to transfer schools. She's been having issues there for a while, almost entirely due to the size of the school; 600 students gets really cliquey, and the atmosphere is often a negative one, socially. Also smaller school = fewer food options. And small school in the middle of nowhere= no recreation or escape options. Academically, she's doing great, with the highest GPA she's ever had, which means the school whose transfer day she attended Saturday morning will probably happily take her (she was accepted there for 2013-14). It's the school she *almost* attended - her current school won by a nose. We think she'll be really happy there, and it's much closer to us and to her best friend, and has real transportation and food options. More info when she gets her acceptance! But yes, that's another Big Thing in our world that I haven't been talking about because it's primarily Someone Else's Stuff.

* We have been doing a lot of the stuff around the house that's needed doing. Adam's so tired when he gets home from work, and he likes his weekends to be as work-free as possible, so there's a list!

* Elayna went to the eye doctor; her prescription hasn't changed, but she needs prescription sunglasses for her light sensitivity. (I went to the eye doctor recently as well. We're pretty sure my eye weirdness is just how I'm built and not impending glaucoma. I have OCT pics of my eyeballs now as a baseline!)

* Elayna went to Dr. Jackpot (pain issues). He is thrilled to have a mother-daughter pair of genetic weirdos. :) She likes him, yay. He laid out an excellent plan of attack for her intersecting physical stuff.

* That made me late to my first PT at the new place, which got rescheduled to 7:30am the next day, which then got rescheduled to 3:30pm, because that, too, is how this week has gone.

* Oh yeah I never talked about PT here. The first PT is one I picked because it's walking distance from my house, but... I did not like it there. The therapist was a little old lady who didn't seem to listen much and seemed reluctant to examine me thoroughly, and gave me some bog-standard isometric exercises and no insight. Dr. Jackpot has spoiled me, it seems, because I thought that visit over and decided no, if I'm paying $50 a week for something, I want it done right. So yesterday I went to a PT that heavenscalyx recommended, and I am much happier. This guy took tons of measurements, examined me very thoroughly, was not afraid to handle me, and listened closely. Also observed a lot. Much more confidence in this one. So apparently I have a lot of hip laxity, enough so that my normal sitting positions are knocking my SI joint out of whack. My pelvis rotation was a little ridic. It is a weird sensation to have one's pelvis maneuvered back into position. I have exercises, and I must be mindful of how I stand and put a stack of books under my desk for my feet, because being short means my feet don't touch the ground, which means I tuck a leg or two under myself for comfort, which means my pelvis is shifting, therefore pain. There's a lot of work to be done on that before we get to soft tissue work. I am determined, though.

* Elayna had to observe a class for her education class, which she did yesterday at the high school - before she realized that she had to do it at an elementary school. Fortunately, her favorite teacher was able to get her in touch with some elementary school teachers, so she's doing that observation today.

* Nicky and Bash went to the vet today! Nicky needed his kennel cough vaccination so he can go to doggie daycare when necessary; Bash just needed his annual checkup and shots (we got him on my birthday last year). The vets love both of them so much. <3 Oh, and Nicky starts obedience training next week!

* I went to SEE for my new glasses and the person remembered me from last March. Very good at her job. New frames will have GLITTER.

* Adam's getting a haircut.

* Tomorrow we're taking Elayna clothes shopping, as that's what she wants for her birthday; tomorrow night we're going to MIT's Twelfth Night. Elayna still has to decide what she wants to do for her actual birthday, which is Saturday. Sunday we're taking her back to school. :( And I have a grueling day ahead of me on Monday.

* I might get like an hour of writing time today; Elayna's class observation overlaps with Adam's haircut. I live in hope! As noted elsenet, I realized that the teenage flashbacks in the novel are pretty much Pretty Hate Machine: The Novella. Eerily perfect. (Yes, losing a week of writing time has been making me twitchy, especially because I lost big chunks of last week.)

I feel like there's more.

Anyway. Off to do the next thing!
13th-Mar-2014 03:49 pm (UTC)
A friend of mine has short legs, and needs some support when sitting on most chairs. She always asks for a booster seat to put her feet on when she goes out to eat.
13th-Mar-2014 03:51 pm (UTC)
I'll try that!
13th-Mar-2014 06:19 pm (UTC)
I have a low stool for my feet. I'm not as short as you, but my feet still don't touch the ground when I sit. If you have phone books around (who does, anymore?), a stack of them could work, too.
13th-Mar-2014 08:15 pm (UTC)
600 students gets really cliquey, and the atmosphere is often a negative one, socially. Also smaller school = fewer food options. And small school in the middle of nowhere= no recreation or escape options.

I had many of the same issues with Bennington College, which I attended for two years before transferring out: academically, it was wonderful, but the campus was very small and isolated, and there was a lot of social drama, and despite the fact that academic value should be a primary concern, these other factors do matter. (On the other hand, I did meet Lily and Tory there, so I can't quite regret deciding to attend.)

Here's wishing Elayna luck with the transfer process - I hope that she's much happier in her new school.
13th-Mar-2014 08:24 pm (UTC)
Brava to Elayna for making proactive changes! fingers crossed she gets accepted as a transfer to her school of choice!

Hm. I have the very same short legs problem, and I do often prop my legs on something (and my mother bought me a stool for work which I need to put together at some point). I often sit the way you do. I knew it caused some of my knee problems, but I hadn't thought of the pelvis issue. I shall have to look into that.
14th-Mar-2014 02:25 am (UTC)
I am so proud of her. <3
13th-Mar-2014 09:08 pm (UTC)
My mother is very short and found that Crate and Barrel tended to have chars that were low to the ground, maybe because they were aimed at apartment dwellers.
14th-Mar-2014 02:17 am (UTC)
I'm so pleased this PT is making you happier. As I said somewhere else at some point, I think, if you decide to try therapeutic massage (if someone gets you a gift cert, perhaps), I also know a kickass massage therapist at that location. I have nearly full motion in my shoulder because of her.

Also, the folks at SEE are AWESOME. They always remember Akycha and me, and even remembered us from our first time of walking in and looking around at the frames.

Best of luck to Elayna in her transfer -- when I transferred schools, it was the best decision I made in my entire college/grad school career (leaving grad school comes in second place).
14th-Mar-2014 02:25 am (UTC)
Thanks! And yeah, this is an excellent decision that she approached methodically and well. :)
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