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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Birthday and stuff!

I had a birthday on Sunday! It was a big one! 40!

But at the tail end of two years of tsuris, I was exhausted about it. (The tsuris is tapering off, but has yet to end. Look for a Very Special Post on March 18 if not before.)

Stress did not kill my birthday, mind. :) The Batman-villain-themed burlesque was fantastic. Saturday's events were likewise wonderful. I chose to spend Sunday like I spend most Sundays, because I like how I spend most Sundays - snuggled on the couch with my tiny pupple and my Adam, goofing off. Clicking "like" on Facebook birthday wishes. :)

Aside from the tsuris, this has been a period of intense focus on the novel and on working with my body, so I haven't had much energy for anything else, either brainwise or bodywise. Hence the lack of posting. This week has been full of writing and body stuff.

Finally found out when our morning stuff Saturday will end, and decided to start my birthday party at 4pm, so there can be afternoon hangouts and dinner and evening hangouts, come and go as you please. I need to dig up cake recipes so I can send Adam out shopping!

One of the things that was blocking me from making this post was that I wanted to make a What I Really Want list, and I kept thinking I should try to find an older one to model it off of, but whatever, not gonna do it, this has taken too much time already! Obviously I want you to join my BARCC Walk team and/or sponsor me, but other than that... I just have some stuff I need help with. For all that Judah is a rapist and emotionally abusive, he did get stuff done around the house. (Survivor humor is gallows humor.) So the What I Want list for my birthday, in the grand tradition of "some of these things are big and wacky but you never know if you don't ask"...

1. Help painting my office. Judah talked me into institutional grey with an accent nook in teal; I want cobalt blue with an accent nook in bright green. No, trust me, it'll work. I can do some rollering, but my hands give out before I can do all the rollering in a room, and my hand tremors do not allow for neat edging.

2. I have a free futon! I just need someone to help me pick it up (from Somerville) and set it up in the spare bedroom. It's already disassembled for travel. And I just got an e-mail that I have a free TV stand to pick up,also from Somerville, so if we could do this in one trip, yay.

3. Help planning container gardening. We have a patch in the backyard that would be perfect for gardening, but repeated bending is one of those things my body invariably hates! I have never gardened, but would like to this year.

4. More of a year-round thing... company to things. I don't want to date right now, but I would love theatre buddies. Also there are many times when events/places are like 15 minutes to drive to but an hour and a half on the T - rides would mean I'd get out more, and I should be getting out more, especially with how I'm getting with the novel!

5. A new bedframe. This is the "I know no one has a spare bedframe but WHAT THE HEY" thing. Frankly, I want a Tempurpedic bed with new frame, but that is $$$$, so I'll settle for a new bedframe; the one I'm using now is one Judah brought in, and I want it out. Not just because bad stuff happened on the bed (although that is a big part of it), but also, it is metal, which gets cold, and I'm constantly waking myself up by clanging my rings against it in the night. It just needs to go. But I don't wanna sleep just on a mattress on the floor. :P Bed is queen-size.

And that's all I can think of for now? More later, I'm sure.
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