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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Whee! Hello, Friday.

I just spent my entire morning completing disability paperwork, which is horrible and depressing, so now: GOOD THINGS.

Hey, it's my birthday on Sunday. I will be 40. That's a thing. What do I want for my birthday? Well, I have a wishlist, but also I have a Patreon and a PayPal subscription button, if you want to support me doing more writing and anti-sexual-violence advocacy and less freaking out and scrambling to make enough money to live on. *thumbs up* (PayPal is shadesong AT if you want to do a one-time birthday gift.)

If you prefer charity donations, hey, I'm doing the BARCC Walk for Change again this year! And you can join my team, too!

Tonight, Adam and I are going to a Batman-villain-themed burlesque show, then I'm going dancing - Heroes is on Friday this week. Tomorrow we're going to this thing in Union Square that looks fun. On my birthday itself? I have no idea. Life has been too Full of Things, and I haven't had any time or space to think about it. I should do something.

My party is next Saturday, and again, I have not planned that because life. I need to find out what time Elayna's morning thing ends so I can set a start time. But anyway it'll be at my house and there will be awesome people there, so whatever happens will be great. <3

Sometimes I am struck by how completely my life has changed since this time last year. That's for a separate post.

At the BARCC Volunteer Appreciation Event, I was asked about my writing a lot, and a fellow volunteer who reads my LJ (don't want to out people; feel free to say "that was me!" if you like!) asked if that was okay, given that I posted not too long ago that my relationship with my writing was currently SUPER FRAUGHT and that people ought not to ask. It occurred to me that in the whirl that life has been lately, yes, that's the last thing I really said on that topic, and it's no longer accurate. So I should correct that!

My relationship with my writing right now is currently the best it's ever been. I realized last night that I'm over 19,000 words into this new novel (which needs a working title so I can talk about it without constantly calling it "the new novel") and, um, it's gonna be long. And that's after I realized I'd originally been going at it wrong, dumped a bunch of stuff, and totally restructured it. I am having mind-on-fire days with this like I've never had before. I'm actually getting energy from this. (Cicatrix was depleting me.) I'm having fun with where it's going. I'm surprising myself. I get twitchy when I have to do other things and can't just write all day. This is a huge reversal. This is what I needed.

Kinda exciting.

So yes, it is currently totally okay to ask me how my writing is going, though my response may be "EVERYTHING IS A SPOILER." :)

The same fellow volunteer (who gets to nominate stuff for the Hugos apparently) asked if I had negative feelings about "Happy Hour at the Tooth and Claw", since I had them about last year's other story. I'm happy to say that I don't; Happy Hour was written before all of that, and while it was written during a difficult time, said difficult time wasn't a thing that struck at the heart of my writing. I'm very proud of "Happy Hour".

So I was thrilled to get amazing compliments from Rachel Swirsky on it last week, which she's followed up with a review that made me squee even more. As I said in my 2013 reading wrapup, I think Rachel's one of the best writers of short fiction in our field, and she's also a very critical reader. I love my husband, but he's not a critical reader when it comes to my work. Getting a rave like that from Rachel? Means a lot. I don't think she knew I had a birthday approaching, but that's a hell of a gift. :)

I am loving this rush to novel that's happening in my brain, but part of me feels guilty for not writing short fiction right now; I do love short fiction, but my writerbrain just isn't letting anything but the novel through! If I stay on pace, I should be able to get back to writing short fiction and poetry by the time you all get to see "The Final Girl".

And with that I have updated y'all sufficiently and done the big nasty time-sensitive SSDI stuff and I can set all else aside and get to writing. :)
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