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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
26th-Feb-2014 08:41 am
It has become clear that this book is going to eat my brain like no writing has before, and that it is going to continue to do so til it's done.

I have a timeline for it being done! For a few intersecting reasons, having a draft by the end of April would be ideal. If I keep on pace, or even if I fall a bit off my current pace, that's actually totally doable. So. Assume that I will be head-down writing every chance I get.

And the other big time-consuming thing, of course, is getting my body on track. We're looking at future tests and appointments with the geneticist and orthopod and twice-weekly PT. Just looking at the PT schedule is making me hoard all available writing time! I must do this, though. It cannot be put off. And I have to fill out all of the supplementary info for my SSDI application. That is a tonight task.

So understand that my daytime time is very, very limited right now. Do please invite me to evening things, because my brain might go all funny from hyperfocus on this book, and I should try to have normal human interaction on a regular basis! But also understand that if I whip out my notebook to scribble notes when out with you, it's not that you're boring me, it's just that I am a person possessed by this thing right now.

Also remind me not to lock my knees when standing.

As far as interaction, I've been on Twitter more than LJ because a) it's more the place for really quick thoughts and b) I can access it when I'm out and about, so for a read on where I'm at, check there.

Also I put my Patreon and PayPal subscription links at the top of my page, because the medical stuff alone means that I have to put work-seeking on pause right now.

And now? More coffee and to work!
26th-Feb-2014 02:55 pm (UTC)
Do please invite me to evening things
Will do
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