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Wow, today has a Lot of Things in it.

So today I went to the orthopedist, as ordered by Dr. Awesome. I'm not thrilled with the orthopedist's office in general, for entirely predictable reasons (lack of attention paid to the reasons I'm there, assumptions that the patient knows jack shit), but the quality of medical care is fine, and if I only get one Dr. Awesome, better it should be genetics & new primary care, right? Right.


"I don't mean to be melodramatic," says the orthopod, "but you are very weak." I am to have what he calls the Deluxe Package of PT, twice weekly, for an estimated six months to start with. I need to learn how to stand without locking my knees, for starters. I need to strengthen my legs and ankle so my ankle won't give out quite so often, and so I don't end up as incapacitated when it does. And I need to reduce the wear and tear I've been putting on my joints and ligaments.

Also my left sacroiliac joint is totally out of alignment, which is probably a moderate to large cause of my daily pain right now. PT will sort that out. That one thing might help me be a lot more functional.

And now I have orthotics. By which I mean that now I am very aware, with every step, how incorrectly I have been walking. I mean, I have a characteristic bouncy walk because one of my legs is slightly shorter than the other so it's that or limp (and, when tired, no choice: just limp). But also: I knew that I pronated. I've been wearing little heel cups for that, which apparently weren't helping as much as I thought they were. But the guy who molded my orthotics showed me what my arch was doing. I have very high arches... that almost completely collapse upon contact with the ground. So my entire foot rolls inward. And my calves apparently roll inward. Because with the orthotics in, I feel weirdly like my heels and calves are *pushed out*. But this is apparently proper alignment.

The PT will focus on my feet, legs, and SI joint to start with, as those are the most critical, and we'll see what can be done about my hands. The orthopod was very *shrug* about those - he was really only able? willing? to test gross motor skills and my problems are with fine motor skills. But this is a lot to do already, and I'm fine taking it step by step.

This is definitely the year of taking care of everything I'd been letting slide for, um, decades. (Listen, anything that can kill me got handled first, and often I had insufficient spoons to deal with the things that were just putting me in pain or discomfort.)

EDIT: Oh yeah, insurance doesn't cover orthotics. Which are $250. So this is a reminder that you can sponsor me via a PayPal subscription or Patreon if you like.
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