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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Hey guys! Heather Dale is doing something cool! 
14th-Feb-2014 11:18 am
I first met Heather Dale at Strowlercon in 2010... Strowlercon was an intensely powerful experience for me in many ways, and one of those ways = the people I met and the friendships that blossomed. I'd never heard of Heather before then, but I was instantly charmed and won over by both her music and the inherent pure joy of her.

When I wrote my appreciation of her and Ben for last year's Boskone program (they were the music Guests of Honor), I called special attention to Heather's continuing musical exploration of the Arthurian myth cycle.

She has two albums out specifically about Arthuriana. And a book. And a game.

And now she wants to do something even bigger - a touring stage show called Celtic Avalon.

Her goals in her words:

"1) The CELTIC AVALON touring show. A big, gorgeous stage show that musically tells the legend of King Arthur... a story about finding hope & love in tough times.

2) Professionally-produced CONCERT DVD.

3) As we tour CELTIC AVALON from city to city, I want to offer
a special YOUTH EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM to teachers & schools. Our show's cast members perform a special youth-oriented concert (either in-school or in-theatre), and talk with students aged 9-14 about inner strength, anti-bullying, using your unique talents & skills, embracing differences, and defending others positively. We give teachers a printed resource kit that ties our concert to various curriculum goals."

I think she can pull this off. I think it's going to be amazing. I think I'm going to be e-mailing her as soon as I hit "post" to see how I can get in on this production.

I think that you should check it out.

EDIT: Oh, and here: have some free music!
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