Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

My recent history with cons

Just so you know why I've become twitchy about them!

Boskone 2013: I came home that Sunday night to find Victoria terribly ill; she died in the night. I will never fully believe that I couldn't have saved her had I been home that weekend and noticed that she was suffering.

Vericon 2013: Was supposed to be my first Vericon! But Judah went into diabetic ketoacidosis, and I was with him in the hospital all week. He was released the first day of the con. I pulled out the day before he was released, because we didn't know if he definitely would be, and we weren't sure he could take care of himself.

ConBust 2013: Had to pull out of it for the second year in a row for the same reason: Judah decided at the last minute that he didn't feel like driving. I have still never been to a ConBust.

Wiscon 2013: Judah cheated on me before and during and raped me right after. If you're new here, go look at my posts from June 1 or thereabouts.

Readercon 2013: First con after the rape and assault and battery, everyone Knew, and it was a gauntlet. Was only able to attend through Saturday night, as Elayna had a mandatory college orientation that Sunday.

Arisia 2014: Lynne had her break from reality/showing of true face and pulled Michael from attending at the last minute, Michael was doing the weird brainwashed parrot thing, and I had to navigate a con freaking out about that and also toting around a tiny dog who everyone wanted to pet and who was having no part of that. And then Michael dumped me as soon as I got home from the con. And everything that's followed that.

I'm not attending Boskone because I thought I was going to be in Chicago all month; things went sideways too late for me to sign up for programming. (Can't afford to go without being comped right now.) I might've felt shaky about that anyway, because of the timing of Victoria's death.

I am attending Vericon next month. If nothing else explodes. *crosses fingers* I do really need this streak to be broken.
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