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Followups on the Arisia Creeper
* John Scalzi posted about it; there's discussion in the comments, which get aargh in one place, but Scalzi deals with it.
* ICYMI, the person laura47 posted about in comments has posted her own story. (TW: sexual assault.)
* twistpeach herself has posted a followup that you should read.
* The post hit the unofficial Arisia Facebook group and generated a lot of heated discussion. This is the only place I've seen it reposted where the reaction's not positive. So in case you're wondering what I was up to some days this week, I was playing rape apologist whackamole in the comments there. Until that post got deleted, and now there's a new post which has gotten as bad and is just as off-topic. This is what happens when you show a certain type of men (on those threads it's almost only men doing this) that they cannot continue to treat women as they've been doing, that women will say "NO" in their loudest voices and seek the consequences to which they are entitled. This is the end of their way of life, and they're pissed. So that's my week.
* sairaali has a good reaction post regarding that Facebook mess.
* asim has a good reaction post as well, and he mentions the stress and fatigue of being a constant advocate in these matters. Yeah, it's been a tiring week.

So Hey, BARCC Walk for Change
Another thing I did this week was sign up for the BARCC Walk for Change! Locals, please join Team Venture and walk with me! Nonlocals or people who don't want to walk, sponsor me!

You should care about BARCC and the work we do anyway, but for the congoing geeks among you: It's BARCC who trained Arisia staff to handle harassment reports so well. It's BARCC who worked with Readercon after their creeper incident. We do it for free because we are dedicated to social change and healing, but BARCC does cost money to operate. If you like what we're doing, pitch in.

Back on Track
Also this week I sold a story. More details when I have a contract in hand. This is the first story I wrote post-Judah, and the first thing I'd submitted anywhere in over a year (see also relationship that ate my life). Sold on its first submission to what I feel is its absolute perfect place.

I'm coming back.

On that note, I need a reader for the second story I wrote post-Judah, because one thing I've yet to grow back is confidence that stuff is good enough, et cetera. Adam loves it, but Adam loves everything I write. He is a wonderful husband and a terrible First Reader. Anyone interested in a short SF piece wherein I blow stuff up?

Also This Week
* Caved and started a Patreon page. Click it! Promised newsletters to Patreon and PayPal sponsors will go out on Saturdays.

* Re-joined Nerd Wars on Ravelry! I am once again a Ranger, and have been welcomed back with affection. :)

* Signed up for an info session for something that had long been my "after Elayna goes to college" plan. I'd set it aside with a little heart-pang when we though the Thomases were moving here, because Caitlin-care would have precluded it. (I would have been happy to take on Caitlin-care instead, it's just that I could not have done that and the other thing simultaneously.) The things about newer plans being taken away is that you can refocus on what you always wanted to do in the first place. The info session is a few weeks away. I am bouncy about it.

* Dealing with bizarre shit on another front that I'll talk about more later.

* Completed and filed my SSDI application.

* Stress-based weight loss is Teh Suck. I'm down 7 pounds in this recent bout; my jeans are loose and my rings are falling off. Need to reverse this ASAP.

Regular Friday Memeage
Wearing: My Batgirl pajamas. Nicky woke up early enough for Adam to take him on his morning walk, and I ended up getting to sleep in for once! Shower is imminent.
Reading: The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. (So far, my core desired feeling is safety. I'm way low in the hierarchy of needs right now.)
Writing: This week got swallowed by other things. (Deliberate action on the part of the perpetrator of the aforementioned bizarre shit.) But today I hope to work on the twinned Vegas stories.
Knitting: Did clue 3B on the knitalong and am now working on my deep blue Hamamelis for decompression and a basic bulky Scrunchable Scarf for charity knitting while watching TV. Both of those were in-process; Nerd Wars starts tomorrow, so this is not the time to start something new. :)
Planning: Other than writing, I have some house stuff to do today. sairaali is coming over for dinner and dog-acquaintance! There are some dance nights tonight that I might actually be up for, given the sleeping in. Tomorrow we have the excitement of doing our taxes, whee. You get money back on years you're paying college tuition, right? *hopeful look*

And you?
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