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The Rest of Life

It was so great having her home for almost a month over winter break! We were both sad to see her return to college. *sigh* She's tackling spring semester with mixed results; she loves many of her classes, but is tetchy about one professor, and her dance class is way more of a workout than she thought it would be. She originally thought she hadn't been cast in the spring play, Alice in Wonderland, but turns out her e-mail had gotten lost somehow! She's Humpty Dumpty. "I get to be a snarky asshole and read a ridiculously long poem," she says. "It's perfect. :)"

He just gets better and better! Such a sweet tiny pupple! His adjustment time with new people is getting shorter and shorter; it initially took a week for him to get used to Adam, but he adopted Isabel and asim last week within hours. Ditto fairylogic, her partner Cory, and ken_schneyer, even during the chaos of Arisia itself. He is the darlingest.

Nicky at Arisia
We did end up bringing him. He was wonderful. He was very nervous about the crowds in the lobby on Friday night, but had adjusted to the point where on Sunday he was bobbing his head around in sheer puppy curiosity. He spent all my panels and my reading curled in my lap, sometimes sleeping, sometimes just happy and warm; he spent about 90% of the con in my arms. He was calm and quiet at all times except when someone reached for his head.

Informal study results: Geek children are very well-behaved with dogs. They all asked first, and understood when I explained that he wasn't pettable because it was his first big outing and he was nervous. The people who reached first were mostly older white men. Some of the people who reached were just really happy and enthusiastic and thought his wagging tail meant "pet me", but it was the older white dudes who got miffed when Nicky snarled. I was like "Dude, that's him using his words. He doesn't know you." (He doesn't bite; he growls/snarls and will do a warning snap-at-the-air if he feels you haven't sufficiently understood that he doesn't want to be touched.)

The biggest downside to bringing him was that I was unable to finish a sentence ever! Because I had to re-explain him over and over to enthusiastic Nicky fans. "This is Nicky, he's going to be training to be a seizure alert dog, this is his first big crowd exposure (which is part of the training) and he isn't desensitized to big crowds yet, he's fine as long as no one gets in his airspace." Several people commented that he was the calmest Chihuahua they'd ever seen. This is what Chihuahuas are like when they're with their People and all their needs are being met. <3

I only had two really negative experiences; one guy who reached from behind me in the registration line to scritch Nicky's head and got snapped at sniped at me later, to which I was like "Look, you should not grab strange dogs' heads. You just should not." And an ableist jerk took it upon themself to yell at me in the Green Room about how me bringing a dog who can't be petted into the con "gives people who really need service dogs a bad name" and I should be ashamed of myself, to which, well. Crowd exposure is part of the training, you shouldn't pet working dogs anyway, and just because my disabilities are invisible doesn't mean I can't benefit from a service dog. Seizure alert dogs are totally a thing, and due to the way they bond so hard with their humans, Chihuahuas are particularly awesome at being seizure and diabetes alert dogs. So I filed my first-ever harassment complaint, whee.

Everyone else totally loved him, though. The belly dancers cooing over him was fun.

The people I speed-knitted the layette for are having some problems in the adoption process. Good thoughts are welcome.

Weight Loss
I'm down to 111 - five pounds lost during that stressy two weeks. I cannot seem to get it back. The stress nausea has abated to where I can eat thrice a day again, but I can't eat as much, and it's apparently not enough to put any weight back on, just keep me from losing more. Numbers are just numbers, but in real-life terms it means my clothes don't fit properly, and I don't like that. So bring on the cheeseburgers, I guess. I need to get on this.

So since all of the plans we made are gone now (no cutting the rent in half, no income from the now-scuttled project I spent months pouring work and energy into), I really need to redouble my efforts in finding some way to make money. The sponsorship thing hasn't caught on like the poll indicated it would, unfortunately.

So I am asking y'all to keep your ears open for anything I can do part-time from home. My skillset includes editing, copyediting, and proofreading, and most especially administrative work - if anyone needs a virtual admin, I'm your huckleberry. I kick ass at that. (If anyone can think of other things in my skillset that I haven't thought of, let me know! It can be hard for me to see things I'm good at that you might see easily from outside.)

EDIT: From home is a relevant bit here! My health is variable enough that I'm loathe to commit to anything that requires me to be onsite daily - this is why I had to leave BARCC - and if something isn't T-accessible, it's flat impossible, as I don't drive due to my epilepsy.
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