Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Nicky update!

It occurs to me that I haven't updated people re: Nicky since mentioning his surgeries! He's recovering very well. He's back to his old self again, minus the marking and the humping, and he's off his pain meds and eating dry food again.

Re: Nicky and trust: Last thing I wrote, on January 2, was "He is building trust. <3 He started out needing to be in my arms or in my lap at all times, but he's gradually ventured out to lay on the floor in a sunbeam while I'm on the couch, and then being able to be in a completely different room."

I am very happy to report that, since then, he's gotten more and more comfortable! He's completely adopted Adam - he's cuddling with him right now. (They had a rocky start; Nicky started off only really trusting me and Elayna, and he extra-distrusted men.) He can spend hours now happily curled up on the couch while I'm upstairs in my office, which is how writing's gotten done. And he's gone from constant growling and defend-mama behavior when we have visitors to a few initial barks and then settling down; last night, he was totally relaxed sitting on the couch with Matthew. I was sitting between the two of them, true, but this is huge progress.

He really feels safe and happy here.

So my qualms about him at Arisia aren't about him freaking out. I would carry him through the lobby and all con spaces, because he is tiny and easily stepped on in a crowd! I'm also not concerned about him being disruptive - he is calm and silent when he's in my lap or being held by me. The hotel allows dogs under 40 pounds, and the con has no actual rule against non-service-animals. My only real qualm is about people's allergies. He doesn't trigger Adam's dog allergy, and Adam is usually very sensitive to dog dander - Nicky's just a pretty hypoallergenic boy. But if he *does* trigger someone's allergies, I need a way to get him out of that space.

EDIT: Oh! And he might be part corgi. Corgi!
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