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Very late Arisia schedule post

Have been holding off on the post because all of my plans got last-minute changed - long story - and Adam and I have to figure out if we can manage with Nicky at the con, given that we often have panels at the same time. The thing with training a dog who has abandonment issues is that you can't just go and board him for four days just when he's adjusted! He's actually doing very well; he has times when he can be totally alone in a room for long periods of time, and he can be left along in the house for brief periods. He's very much adopted Adam, who he started out skittish around, and when mangosteen was over last night, he settled down from the initial barking-at-strange-man very quickly. He's making great progress, and I don't want to undo that. So. Pup at the con! If possible. And if not possible, one of us is staying home.

So. IF I am at Arisia this weekend, here's my schedule.

8:30pm: The Future Is Now: Online Short Fiction
Once considered a place too ephemeral and difficult for readers and writers, online fiction magazines and markets are now as prestigious as their print counterparts. Stories from Clarkesworld, Apex Magazine,, Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and many others regularly make year’s best lists and receive award nominations. The panel will discuss the different markets and some of their favorite stories from the past few years.

10:00pm: Cabin in the Woods: Monster Board Showdown!
Zombie Redneck Torture Family? Dismemberment Goblins? Deadites? Sugarplum Fairy? Scarecrow Folk? Kevin? There's little horror fans love more than debating who'd win in a monster showdown, and Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's recent classic gives us plenty of fodder. Come listen to horror experts debate the merits of the monster archetypes.

4:00pm: Write What You Know All Too Well
We tell authors to write what they know, but we don't warn them about the dangers of exploring the things they know. Some authors create works that riff on their own lives and experiences in ways that are vulnerable and intimate. How much of the inclusion of one's own life is a conscious choice? What are the hedges and protections you use when writing your lives and situations into the stories? How much of a connection between life and story do you feel safe having or admitting to having?

2:30pm: Reading. With Jen Pelland, Genevieve Eldredge, and Elaine Isaak.

1:00pm: SF/F as an Ongoing Conversation
John Scalzi's *Redshirts* is only the most recent work of SF/F that responds directly to tropes, themes or claims in another work of SF/F. Sometimes parodies, sometimes commentaries, sometimes angry rebuttals, our genre has a long tradition of dialectic, perhaps enabled by how small a group we are. How does this dialectic function, what are some of its major landmarks, and what are the pivotal points in the conversation right now?

Very light schedule, which honestly speaks to the quality of the panelists I've been able to recruit over the last few years; I no longer have panels I have to put myself on, either to make them run or to make them not go sideways.

Nicky is not a service dog, though he is sort of in pre-training to become one. I mentioned on Twitter a week or two ago that apparently chihuahuas make great seizure alert dogs; true enough, when I had a seizure on Wednesday, he did alert like whoa. (They bond super-hard to their Person and are *very* receptive to their emotional states.) The process for him to become a certified service dog involves him doing basic training, then the AKC Canine Good Citizen training. Which is on my list for when we have the money to do it. Hopefully this summer. I have high hopes! He's a very smart pup.

Very 2014-specific note: If you see Judah at the con, please let me know. If you feel comfortable telling him to GTFO because I will enforce my restraining order if I see him, feel free to do so, but if you're not comfortable with that, don't do it; I'm not asking anyone to get involved/talk to him. But if he is known to be there, I'd appreciate a heads up.
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