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Well, I was going to write, but during the shower my brain was ticking over what the sponsorship thing would look like, so:

I would sponsor... writing a novel. I understand that I would not get to see the chapters in progress.
7(14.3%) writing speculative short fiction and poetry. I understand that I would not get to see these pieces before publication.
4(8.2%) writing non-genre poetry.
4(8.2%) writing your chapbook about 2013.
6(12.2%) writing a series of essays/memoir about your recent experience of and recovery from domestic violence.
7(14.3%) writing a book about dismantling rape culture.
7(14.3%) being creative in general.
...something I'll put in the text entry box below.

I want you to:

Let me unpack each of these.

Writing a novel or speculative short fiction and poetry
The most important thing to know before you click that button is that if this is the route we go, I cannot send you chapters in progress or short fiction or poems. I've always been committed to making my work available to the widest possible audience, including people who can't pay, because I've often been the one who can't pay. This is why I don't submit short fiction to print magazines, and I only submit it to anthologies if I am deeply enthusiastic about that anthology. If I send my work to subscribers, it becomes unpublishable to magazines, and I'm pretty sure that if you're not John Scalzi, novels that you release first to subscribers/online don't get picked up by publishers. I don't want to sacrifice long-term career for short-term gain. What you would get if you sponsor this is probably a favorite paragraph or two a week, any background material I write about characters, et cetera.

Non-genre poetry
This I'll just straight-up send you. I honestly have no idea what to do with it once it's written. I don't know the markets, and I'm not really interested in pursuing Mainstream Poetry Fame. If you like my poetry and are cool with a lack of speculative elements you will like these, I hope.

Chapbook about 2013
My annus horribilis. As I mentioned before in passing, I'm working on a chapbook of poetry specifically about everything that went down with Judah and the aftermath thereof. So far it's seven poems strong and growing. These I'd just send you, one a week, because they're so interlinked that I'd never be able to publish them separately. Do small poetry presses care if things have been in limited release before? I don't know. If they do, I'm fine with packaging it myself via CreateSpace or something. My big question here, and the only reason I'm not focusing on this option above all others, is: Does anyone actually want to read this? I'm writing it whether they do or not, because it's cathartic for me. But would anyone want to subscribe?

A series of essays/memoir about my recent experience of and recovery from domestic violence
Does what it says on the tin. I have known for some time that I'm going to write about this process, because as far as I can tell, no one is doing that. When I reported, when I was talking to my lawyer and to the DA and everything, I was looking for resources that didn't exist, a map no one had charted. So I'm going to be the cartographer. The essays would be about all of the elements of reporting, processing, and recovering from rape, emotional abuse, and assault and battery. Everything from really unpacking all of the options that are available to how the legal system actually works in these cases to figuring out how to feel safe again. Endgame for this project is hopefully publication, but there are parts of it that I can't write just yet. We've only just filed the civil charges (in my essays I will explain why this process takes forever!). There are things I have to save for the jury trial; it would be easy for Judah or his lawyer to subscribe and get stuff that should not yet be public, so I'm just not going to write about those things yet. But there's plenty of content without that.

Writing a book about dismantling rape culture
Does what it says on the tin. I've been working in community education and mobilization re: sexual violence for seven years. I have the 101 and 201 down pat. I don't see any books being written on the 301 level. So I'd cover the whole spread, from "what is rape culture?" through "how to build safer communities" and systemic change through activism, legislative advocacy, et cetera. This would be a resource for everyone who wants to eradicate sexual violence, whether they have the time and spoons to do activism full-time or whether they're only able to do incremental change. This is about dismantling rape culture in as little as five minutes a day. This is something everyone can do; people just need to know how.

Being creative in general
I put this in there because it's the closest to an old-fashioned patronage. If you're really like "I don't care what you do, just do something creative and don't keep freaking out about money," that's what this is for. I write, yes. I also dance. And knit. And I'm getting back to painting. The perk if you do this is a weekly update on what I'm doing, with pics when applicable.

Something completely different
I may have missed a blindingly obvious idea. What is it?

Whatever sponsorship thing I do, it would be a pay-what-you-want model with a minimum of $5 per month, following s00j's sponsorship model and Rebecca Loebe's.

So. Please vote, and please give me your thoughts.
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