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Potato Thingee

Originally posted by yendi at Potato Thingee
One of our go-to recipes for days like today* is "potato thingee."

It's a home fry variant, and good comfort food.

This isn't so much a recipe (I tend to sight-cook) as it is a general guide that can be modified as needed.


Four potatoes (I use yukon gold), diced but not peeled.

One yellow onion, loosely chopped.

Four or five breakfast sausages (we use the Harvestland Maple and Apple Breakfast Sausages from BJs, which are also gluten-free), sliced (but not too thin).

Paprika (sweet or spicy), cayenne pepper, dry mustard, cumin, garlic.

Olive oil and maple syrup (the real stuff, not "pancake syrup" or anything of that ilk).


Pour some olive oil into the pan**. Turn the heat up to medium/medium-high, toss in the onions, and cook them for three or four minutes, stirring constantly. If the garlic you used was fresh (as opposed to powder), toss it in near the end of that time. Then toss in the potatoes. Yes, some will stick the pan immediately, but start stirring those suckers as quickly as possible. Pour in some more olive oil if things get too tough.

After about two or three minutes, turn the heat down to medium and sprinkle on the spices to taste. Paprika and cayenne are your main flavors here, but remember that they both pack powerful kicks. Cumin and garlic (if using powder) should be used sparingly. Stir everything up so that you've spread out the spices, then cover the pan and walk away for five minutes.

Take off the cover, stir things up, and add some maple syrup (a little bit goes a long way). Taste a small potato bit to see if there's enough spice (and to test for doneness, although it won't be close to done yet). Add more spices as needed (we like ours with serious kick), along with more syrup if needed. Stir again, cover and walk away for another 5-6 minutes.

Now, take another taste. The potatoes should feel nearly done, texture-wise. Thrown in the sausage slices, add a little bit of spice, stir things up, and cover for three minutes. You've now got Potato Thingee!

Note: The bottom of your skillet will be covered with potato. You'll want to soak this sucker before cleaning it. But if you like slightly burnt potatoes, scraping a few forkfuls from the pan is a true joy.

*not that many days are like today, thankfully, but on normal cold days, it's still nice

**No, I'm not telling you how much. You know your pan better than I do. And those four potatoes can lead to very different volumes of diced potatoes, depending on how you dice, how big the taters are, etc.
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