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Let me back up.

On my way down to Florida, I checked Facebook. My aunt had posted a picture of two adorable dogs - she'd found them in front of the salon she owns. The big dog was filthy and her fur was so matted that she couldn't walk without difficulty; the small dog was in better condition, in no small part because he was short-haired. She'd put out water and food for them, and asked everyone who usually walks their dogs in that area if they'd ever seen these two before - no dice. Nothing on Craigslist, no reports to the Humane Society. So she took them home, got them a checkup, got them cleaned up, and was looking for a home for them.

So we went in there very happy that we'd get to spend our vacation with BONUS DOGS. As I put my bags away, my aunt was telling me I'd love the little one - I don't know, I said, I like big dogs! And both my aunt and my birthmom had told me that the little guy was skittish and would take time to get used to me.

So I walked out there ready to say hi to the little dog and love on the big dog - and the little guy jumped right into my arms. Went into absolute raptures.

And Adam was like "uh-oh."

(My view for much of the trip.)

Apparently chihuahuas bond SUPER HARD to one particular person. That is Their Person come hell or high water. And Nail - so named because my aunt was trying to get my birthmom, who has a dog named Rusty, to take him - instantly claimed me as His Person. He loves my birthmom too, and Elayna, and he likes Adam - he's shown more mistrust of men than people of other genders, but he gets accustomed. But I am clearly His Person.

Adam wasn't sure at first; the pup cried A LOT when unattended. (He was being kept outside til they knew his flea dip had worked.) But he was totally calm whenever he knew we were there.

I fell completely in love with him instantly. Gradually, Adam did too. And the landlord said yes. :)

Oh, guys. I needed this. I needed this incredible, sweet, bouncy, adoring little dog. I needed a little darling who wants to be on my lap - it was breaking my heart to have an empty lap post-Max. All these little shocks. But I couldn't get another cat so soon. Any cat I got this soon would forever just be not-Max, and a cat deserves better than that. A dog? So different from Max that he won't remind me of him, won't be in that same place in my heart. A dog is good.

And he needed me. This poor dear street pup with such separation anxiety and hypervigilance - he slept in my lap all through Doctor Who. For the first few days, he would just conk out whenever he was in my lap, because he knew he was safe.

His name is Nicodemus Pontifex. His '30s mobster name is Nicky the Nail.

He loves it here.

He and Bash are not in love, but they coexist just fine! Yesterday I was knitting on the couch with Nicky on my right leg and Bash right next to my left leg. Bash gives him the occasional dubious glance, but there's no aggression fro either of them.

He had his first vet appointment today. They estimate him at 5 years of age. His molars are messed up in a way that's consistent with living rough; he'll need extractions. And he'll need to be neutered. He has an undescended testicle! That usually costs more, but our vet is doing it at the base cost because he's a stray. We really like our vet. He also has some corneal scarring consistent with puppy street fighting, poor love. He seems to be in good shape otherwise. We'll have bloodwork back tomorrow.

You guys, I have a dog. My heart is overflowing.
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