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Your questions answered!

Today is Halloween! Halloween is super-difficult for me this year, because it's Elayna's and my Big Holiday; it doesn't feel like today can possibly be Halloween, because we haven't been putting together a costume, and I'm not taking her trick-or-treating tonight, and... mope. *sigh* So. I am trying to be gentle with myself today.

Empty nests are hard.

Your poll questions answered!

Would you like to go out dancing at some point? :)
Yes, please! Let me know when you're next in town!

How are you feeling physically?
That is highly variable. *wry smile* I'm having a hard time with my insomnia, which isn't helping my fatigue or pain. Seizure-free for a while, though!

Should I wear the green dress or the blue one?

What do you like to drink in the morning?

And it has to be coffee-flavored coffee, not froofy candylike coffee drinks.

What to do re a phys. therapist w/ bad priorities?
Find a new one? (I don't know anything about this situation and thus cannot offer detailed advice!)

How did you break into freelance copy-editing?
An acquaintance started a small press; after an Arisia party, I e-mailed her and said "hey, if you ever need proofreaders or copyeditors, I'm good at that!" And in fact she did. Be bold!

How are college and Elayna getting along?
That answer changes by the day! Mostly very well. She's having some wibbles that are very common first-semester wibbles.

Are you addicted to change?
Ha! No, I wish. And I wish life would settle down a bit!

How come your hair is always awesome in photos?
a) because my hair is awesome since I went gluten-free (it was thin and crunchy before)
b) because I allow very few photos of myself, period, so if I'm allowing photos, my hair has almost certainly been washed that day and stuff. (It's a wreck right now, but I'm showering as soon as I hit "post".)

What Con should I attend if I ever have free time?
I think you'd really enjoy Arisia.

Do you miss me?
I do! Will I see you soon? *puppy dog eyes*

Is there a book you think everyone should read?
There are SO MANY. Thing is, there are different lists of books that different people should read for different reasons. I just set aside The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell and Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany for Michael to borrow - the former because it's one of those books that illuminates parts of me I want to share, the latter just because I think it's a damn masterpiece and required reading in the SF canon.

Would you go to WorldCon if you were invited?
Heh. COMPLICATED FEELS. I have no actual desire to go to WorldCon, because almost every WorldCon in recent memory has been made of fail. (I'm hearing good things about LonCon, to be fair.) Plus I think that WorldCon is exclusionary by design - I take issue with the fact that they seem to want only older, independently wealthy white folks. I like my cons more accessible than that, hence Arisia and Wiscon being high priorities for me. Fact is that unless I get a grant or something, I can't afford to attend WorldCon. Neither can many other writers with lower income, disabilities, children...

That said, my partners keep getting nominated for and often winning Hugos! And having me there would help with childcare tremendously - as I've mentioned previously, Caitlin needs extra care. I have no desire to go to WorldCon in and of itself, but I'd want to make the con easier for Michael and Lynne. So I would go for them and for Caitlin.

Not a question, but just wanted say you're awesome
Thanks! :)

Can you pls signal boost my friend's petition? 1/2 2/2 Backstory: Petition:
Yes! (This is about Diano Pho/Ay-Leen the Peacemaker's harassment at NYCC.)
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