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Why am I non-posty? Because I am between. I'm on hold regarding a lot of things regarding my world, and this translates to me thinking "I will wait to post until X". But I don't know when X will be. And time skitters on. So.

Off the top of my head, I can count three huge, major, life-shifting things that I cannot yet discuss, that I am waiting for. Some of these things are things I can do nothing to hasten. We wait for the universe's gears to click into place. One, I'll know next week when I might be able to begin to talk about it. So that'll be good, at least. :)

Two of these things will be AMAZING. One is complex and I don't know how it'll be. We shall see.

I figure I can get back into the habit of posting by doing my Friday Memeage, even though today's Monday.

Wearing: Mostly-purples argyle sweater, jeans, fuchsia knee socks with yarn balls on them, Supergirl underpants.
Reading: Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch and Writing on the Wall: Social Media — The First 2,000 Years by Tom Standage.
Writing: That's complicated.
Knitting: I went to start the sleeves on a baby cardigan and did a thing and now the cardigan is sitting in the corner to think about what it's done. Also I have four more inches to add to the Still Light Tunic and then I have to do sleeves for that and sleeves, man. Sleeves.
Planning: Copyediting two manuscripts this week; BARCC meeting tonight, maybe a reading/signing tomorrow. There's a thing I'd like to go to at Oberon on Wednesday, but I have not been proactive about seeing who else would like to go!

Link Soup
* cafenowhere has started an excellent essay series called "Writing Latin@ Characters Well"!
* Thomas MacAulay Millar has the best responses to the most recent rounds of victim-blaming; read Cockblocking Rapists Is A Moral Obligation; or, How To Stop Rape Right Now.
* UK feminist site Bad Reputation has two interesting posts about widowhood and the social perception thereof.
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