Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

A Bunch of Things Make a Post

* I have been super low-energy and dealing with some pretty massive fatigue for several weeks now; that's almost certainly contributed to the lack of posting!

* A factor in that is that my sleep schedule is totally b0rked. Waking up around 5 AM is not unusual. Daytime naps are the norm. This is frustrating! I'm hoping that Michael and Lynne's visit helps reset that, like my visit to them did.

* Have been jamming on the knitting; whipped out a cowl for Elayna and a birthday scarf for my dad. I want to make fingerless mitts for myself, but knitting magic loop is arduous and annoying for me; I tried to teach myself two circs, but failed. I will try again today. I'll need to do small-diameter knitting in the round for the sleeves and pockets of Elayna's sweater, so I need that back in my skillset!

* I'm back to BARCC volunteering - I had a thing Monday, and I have a thing today. Starting slow. It feels good to be back.

* Max... perseveres. He is delicate and too skinny. He has days when he eats all his food, and days when he nibbles. He is all bones and lethargy. But he came upstairs last week for the first time in weeks. But he's having seizures. (The seizures scare him - his heart pounds like a wild thing - but he goes back to purring and snuggling soon.) I love him and I cuddle him and I make sure he's comfortable.

* I miss Elayna, and I still find myself pausing at around three with "Oooh, kid will be home soon!" Kid will not be home soon. Daily active parenting --> college parenting is a huge adjustment, and my life has been full of huge adjustments this year.

* Looking forward to the weekend - on Friday, Adam and I will see Twelfth Night. Saturday is the MIT Glass Pumpkin Patch! And also a party and another thing or two if I've time and energy.

And Sunday? Sunday, Michael, Lynne, and Caitlin arrive. <3
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