Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

It's been a busy week and I forgot to tell y'all!

I am part of a group reading on Saturday! 5-6:30pm at the Lilypad in Cambridge. Details here. I'm reading with Elwin Cotman, Militza Jean-Felix, and Zach Buscher. Poetry and fiction, $5 cover because the Lilypad won't let you do a free show. Come on down, hear my stuff and other people's stuff, maybe let's do dinner after.

And now that I know that one can do readings at the Lilypad - local writer friends, we gotta do this!

But anyway yes. I don't know what I'm reading yet, as usual. Suggestions welcome.

This is Elayna's last full week at home, so that's where my focus has been and will continue to be. We're going to the Gardner today and the ICA Friday, we're marathoning season 4 of Gilmore Girls (Rory's freshman year at Yale!), we're going to see Pacific Rim tomorrow (I have, she hasn't) and check out the poster section at Newbury Comics for dorm room decor. And hair dye, because she wants to go hella red again before school starts.

I keep coming up with the little things she'll need. We got her a little first aid kit, because she shouldn't have to run to the RA every time she needs a Band-Aid or cold pack. She needs a manicure kit. She needs Allegra and ibuprofen. All of these things that she's just always had around the house. How does one keep track? All the packing-for-college guides talk about rugs and lamps, and none of them say a damn thing about nail clippers. We're going to have to do a room-by-room walkthrough.

I have a lot of feels about all of this. But they all take time to articulate, and my time is with Elayna right now.

A week and a day.
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