Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

We did her dorm-room shopping on Friday. Just... yeah. Judah's former room is currently her Dorm Room Staging Area. She got this comforter and matching sheets, towels, et cetera.

Two weeks and two days until college.

And that's why I'm not on LJ much at present! Because... two weeks and two days! I have all the feels, and none of them are sufficiently formed yet.

Max is improving on the special kidney food! He has consented to use a litterbox instead of the dining room table! Yay Max! When I wrote my previous post; I was frightened and resigned, but he is doing better. *snuggles the Max*

Combining a bunch of things here!
* Yes, I was having more frequent simple partial seizures due to stress and sleep dep. They've eased up.
* My main thing now is fatigue, because damn, I had a long stretch of GOGOGO there.
* My pain is variable, as always. It has been less bad than it was when he was here. I have okay days and less-okay days. I haven't been talking about that much because it makes people fuss and there's nothing that anyone can do about it, really.

The Case
* Criminal: DA and detective still investigating; we're not due to meet again til September. Yes, this stuff is slow.
* Civil: Still waiting on something. It's coming. Sorry to be cryptic, but it's... not necessary to be cryptic, per se, but helpful.

All awesome. Yes, I owe you part two of The Michael Story, but I think I owe you part 0.5 first, and see above for "not on LJ much right now because OMFG COLLEGE".

I am out of the blogging habit and have been so much on the Twitters and Facebook and all of that that I'm not sure what I've left untold/hanging. What are y'all curious about?
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