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Catching up. Everything is catching up these days!

Decelerating now, don't worry. :)

Wednesday I met with the DA, the detective investigating my case, and the DA's office's victim witness advocate. Got to go through the whole story again, whee? Talked about everything that happened during the rape and the assault & battery, and went back into Judah's prior patterns of emotional abuse, et cetera. That... will never be a good time or in any way easy. In fact, I had an adrenaline crash pretty much as soon as I got home.

But the good news is that the DA is proceeding with a full and thorough investigation of all of the charges. I knew they'd continue with the assault & battery charge, since he confessed to that in court in front of the detective. But they are also continuing with the rape charge. All systems go.


Thursday was all about copyediting and packing for my trip! And Friday morning I flew out to Chicago. <3 Got to have lunch and see Pacific Rim with Adam, michaeldthomas, rarelylynne, and Caitlin! Pacific Rim was so exactly what we wanted it to be. Hell yes. :)

There is a tinge of... something to this trip, because it had been planned for months, and Judah was supposed to be here with me. Part of the point of the trip was for Judah to come with me, to get to spend more time with Michael and Lynne, to see his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew/godson.

But everything changed, and now this is a recovery-from-what-Judah-did trip.

So when I was on the plane, I had pangs of first-trip-without-Judah; I have been having that, that first-time-after feeling.

But then Friday was my first movie with Michael and Lynne. And Saturday was my first concert with Michael.

Saying goodbye/saying hello. There are wonderful firsts too.

Yesterday was mostly a rest day; today Michael and I will be finishing up Flying Higher and both doing editing. The week will include rest, writing, playing with puppies, and more. Part of the new and revised point of this trip is to not have me keeping up the intense and punishing pace that I've been keeping since Judah assaulted me. This is my first real chance in seven week to just be.

And so. Recovery is.
Tags: assault and battery, david judah sher, domestic violence, judah sher, rape
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