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Ridiculous Poetry Anthology!!!

Originally posted by michaeldthomas at Ridiculous Poetry Anthology!!!
As most of you know, shadesong and I are editing a ridiculous poetry anthology called Flying Higher: An Anthology of Superhero Poetry. This will be a free eBook that will hopefully be available this month.

This started at Wiscon. We were having lunch with rarelylynne and Alex Bledsoe, and I was telling them the story of the time I closed unsolicited poetry submissions at Apex Magazine. The poetry we were getting wasn't up to our quality, and one day we received a Batman poem. In rhyming couplets. About his manpain over the different Robins. At that point, I figured it was best to just go with solicited pieces.

Alex and Shira giggled, and we soon decided that we could do an entire anthology of superhero poetry just like that. Later that night at a big group meal, we retold the story. Shira then asked all of the writers to write a superhero poem then and there on their placemats. They did. :)

Since that night, many others have emailed us their poems. We even have an amazing cover by Rin Venieris. If you would like to be a part of the fun, please feel free to email us your superhero poetry! We're closing submissions this Friday. Please email us at michaeldamianthomas [@] gmail [dot] com and shadesong [@] gmail [dot] com.

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