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Okay so I have the money for the retainer. That escalated quickly. Sending in the fee agreement and check today, and I will get the ball rolling on the civil case. Which feels good. The thing about stuff like this is that it takes forever to get any motion - the detective only gave her report to the DA yesterday morning. So anything that I can proactively Do helps me deal with this quite a lot. My lawyer has warned me that this will stretch out for months anyway - augh. But getting it started is good, and means that I have the intervening time to actually live my life instead of being in the "what do I do next" mode I've been in for the past three weeks.

It's (only) been three weeks.

Here are some things that have nothing to do with me and are cool.

* The Bloodchildren anthology of stories by the Octavia Butler Scholars is only up until tomorrow! Go buy it! $8.01 for work by awesome writers of color!

* The new Goblin Fruit is up!

* And have you seen the first issue of Interfictions Online yet?

My day yesterday was dominated by managing the BPAL sale and donations. Today, I need to focus on the laundry and writing some stuff for my pro blog and reading for the Elgin Awards; we will hopefully have a plumber coming today (leaky faucets and now leaky toilets), and I have a phone call regarding potential paying work (hate phones, need money), and I have some additional phone calls related to this madness to make.

And I need to do all this today because I actually have a writing day tomorrow. Adam's taking Elayna to a thing at her college. They will be gone most of the day. It'll be my first day alone in the house and not being actively terrorized since I don't know when. At least early April? And I intend to use it. (Also michaeldthomas and rarelylynne will be at Fourth Street, so he cannot distract me on Gchat!)

Um. What else. The Beginning of Summer party is this Saturday! Yes, I will be there! I am looking forward to seeing people! Can anyone give me and Elayna a ride?

And Sunday I am packing up a lot of BPAl. Is what I am doing Sunday. Dang, y'all. Thank you.
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