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Coffeemaker suggestions?

Originally posted by yendi at Coffeemaker suggestions?
So our beloved coffeemaker of four+ years appears to be mostly dead*. It's a Cuisinart 12-cup Thermal coffeemaker, and although we've got enough Amazon credit to just get a new one (it's actually gone up a whopping $1 since we bought it), I figured I'd poll the LJ hive mind for coffeemaker suggestions. We've liked the coffeemaker over the years, but did experience (about once every two months) the problems other folks cite in the reviews

We definitely want a "traditional" coffeemaker (not a french press, etc), and we want to go thermal (no constant heating element burning the coffee once it's brewed). We can probably go down to a ten-cup maker, but it's nice to have the flexibility of 12. We grind beans right before brewing, but I'm NOT a fan of the combo grind-and-brew units, as cleanup on these is awful.

Price-wise, I'd like to keep it around the $100 mark (and as I said, we're paying with Amazon credit and not cash, so things I can't buy at Amazon aren't really stuff I'd consider). We've got a little flexibility, though.

Brand-wise, I've had two Cuisinarts, and loved them, but am not fanatically loyal.

So, anyone got any personal experience with a good thermal carafe cofeemaker? Yes, I can read the reviews on Amazon, so I'm looking for anecdata here.

*This weekend, it finally brewed coffee after six tries. Today, it hasn't yet, but it might.
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