Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Things and stuff, a non-trauma post.

I went to a party Saturday night! I was up and down all night, moodwise, but the party had wonderful people at it who talked me through stuff when I needed or changed the subject to ridiculous things when I needed. I have very good people.

And today, michaeldthomas took me to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which I had never been to! I'd always wanted to go, and it's one of his favorite places in Boston.

This was an excellent choice. And now I want to write a story or something about Isabella Stewart Gardner because wow. Go read about her and the museum.

And the center courtyard was so amazing; reader, I gasped. And then had to just sit there a while in the quiet and the beauty.

Perfect. I will go back at my earliest opportunity.

We took the #1 bus back to Central Square and had iced coffee, then walked down to Harvard Square, ducking into Follow the Honey on the way and having a weird-honey tasting with surprise!Talis, who apparently works there now! Got a treat: Aseda Wild Honey from Ghana. I am a honey junkie.

Oona's, too, to see if their wormhole to the 1950s was currently open (it's not), and Cardullo's (which had puppies in it!) and Curious George's to get a new stuffed animal to replace the shared teddy bear that obviously will no longer do as a sleeping-alone comfort object! I have an incredibly soft stuffed bunny now with the longest ears.

We have been dating for some time, but due to distance/life, this was our actual First Date, and it is now my best first date ever. We've ordered GF pizza and will soon be going to a show, so things continue! He has been of tremendous assistance in helping me connect the dots and get to a point where I'm not flailing still trying to make stuff work in the face of all of this hell, and where I can see clearly.

I haven't told the whole story here because I kept waiting for there to be a time when I could do a post that was only good news! And that time didn't come, because stuff. >.< More soon. Pizza sooner.

Speaking of social! I want to go to the RuPaul's Drag Race Tour on Wednesday! Who's with me?
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