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Wiscon Schedule!

I have mine!

Coffee, Tea, and Subversion (1pm-4pm; the Gathering): Enjoy coffee, tea, ice water, and/or cookies! Members of the Interstitial Arts Foundation serve up refreshments and a bit of chat about the interstitial arts and the work of the Foundation.

Women's Speculative Poetry Now (9pm): Ursula K. Le Guin publishes Finding My Elegy: New and Selected Poems; Tracy K. Smith's science fiction-y collection Life on Mars wins a Pulitzer; Aqueduct issues The Moment of Change, an anthology of feminist speculative verse. If you were standing at the intersection of poetry and speculative fiction, 2012 was an interesting year. In this roundtable, poets, critics, and editors take turns briefly addressing several interlocking questions: What are the most interesting developments in 21st century speculative poetry by women? Where's the action—what magazines, presses, and virtual / physical communities are fostering those trends? What are the audiences—how are these poets reaching readers and listeners? We'll devote much of the allotted time to an exploratory conversation involving the roundtable audience.

Open Secrets: A Speculative Poetry Reading (2:30pm): Members of the Secret Poetry Cabal (a speculative poetry group) will read their work.

Spindles and Spitfire (4pm): Join us for a reading packed full of sinister whimsy, hidden hearts, folkloric sensibilities and SNACKS! Lisa Bradley dances with the skeletons in her closet. Shira Lipkin will apparently write anything if you dare her to on Twitter. Alex Dally MacFarlane works at a spindle of bones and gold. Patty Templeton writes hellpunk in a handbasket, full of ghosts, freaks and fools.

Exclusion and Inclusion, or Kicking People Out: A How-To Guide (10am): Often efforts to make spaces welcoming are confounded by an unwillingness to expel people who are already there. We'll discuss the issues involved in creating communities that are less alienating. How do we in fandom balance a desire not to explicitly exclude with the need to prevent implicit exclusion? How do we handle the backlash from active exclusion? What role do allies play in establishing and enforcing policies? How are opportunities for education balanced against the exhaustive requirement of providing that education? How do issues of age and ageism complicate these questions? And how do we actually say "you aren't welcome back"?

A Very Special Disability Panel (1pm): You've seen these panelists present on disability, impairment, abl(e)ism, normate bigotry, and similar weighty subjects. That won't happen here. Using a gameshow format, they'll explore vital topics including the silliest, the least effective, the most deadly, the sexiest, and the hardest to clean. The only reference to the social (justice) model of disability will be right here, in this sentence.

This will be a lot of fun! <3 I'll be arriving on Thursday - hopefully in time for the Scalzi reading at ROOO, but definitely in time for Geekeoke. I don't have my meals booked yet, so if you want a lunch or dinner, let me know. Note that I will be picky about where I can eat due to celiac. I am happy to be the person who makes restaurant decisions for the group if that helps!
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