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So. I had a horrible draining constant grind of a week last week, and a wonderful but overfull weekend, and then I utterly collapsed and spent most of yesterday in bed. >.< SO THAT HAPPENED.

The truly godawful stuff is all well along the path to being fixed, so I shan't go into them. Other stuff!

* Team Venture raised over $6,000 for BARCC! And had a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

* Elayna's a capella choir took gold at the Heritage Music Festival in NYC, and her band took silver. She thinks it should've been the other way around. Picky In Victory should be our House's motto.

* Elayna has four college acceptances and is waitlisted at one school - unfortunately, that's her top choice! So she's sent in a statement and commissioned an additional recommendation letter, and we wait. Last week we devoted an afternoon to setting up visits at all four of the school's who've accepted her, complete with requests to meet people in their education departments; Elayna wants to be sure that their approach to teaching is in line with her own, and she only knows that for sure about one of them. The visits are April 13 through 20, with the goal of having a decision and putting in a deposit by the 21st.

* There also is writing. I can't take long breaks from this novel - Ash's voice and self are so unlike mine that it's hard to get back into them after an absence. Hence the need to just sit down and get it all out at once. Which has not been happening. And then I get into a stress feedback loop. Last Thursday alone, I reversed direction twice. Being intensely busy and also dealing with Other People's Stuff have been severely interfering. I'm honestly not sure if there's a solution outside of a complete writing retreat. I'll keep trying. We'll see.

* Judah's at Joslin this morning, meeting with all the people! He's been managing pretty well. Still some things he's figuring out, but that's par for the course.

Okay. So for today, I need to get my calendar in order, then tackle the pile of e-mails. I wish today was a writing day, but last week's hijinks prevented me from getting copyediting done, and I'll now be hard pressed to make that deadline. So. A bunch of me stuff, then head down into copyediting. :(

How's by you?
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