Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

BARCC Walk for Change!

BARCC's Walk for Change is this Sunday!

And... some amazing person who has chosen to remain anonymous sponsored me, Adam, and Judah to the tune of $500 each. *kermitflail* Bring the guys to their goals, and me past mine!

So now I'm turning the spotlight on the rest of Team Venture!

Behold Team Venture's page, where you too can sign up to join us!

Team Venture has, at present, three walkers who have yet to reach their goal.

Ashley Fullstop Brown only needs $52 to make her goal!

Benazeer Noorani only needs $130!

Lisa Smith needs $600!

Also exciting: check out the leaderboard. Team Venture is right behind the three big volunteer divisions and the BARCC Board of Directors. Those are all bigger groups, y'all. Much bigger (except for the Board, and... deep pockets there.) We can beat out the Board, totally. We can also maybe outearn Hotline. Let's find out.

But why should you sponsor? Here I will copy and paste, because I have a bunch of other stuff to do today!

Hey y'all! This is my seventh year volunteering with BARCC and my fifth year Walking for Change! I am proud to be walking in support of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and the incredible free services they provide to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones.

Yes: incredible! and free! BARCC provides 24-hour hotline counseling and medical advocacy, as well as individual and group counseling, legal advocacy, case management, public education and outreach, and survivor speakers, always 100% free and confidential to all survivors, regardless of gender, race, immigration status, sexual preference, anything.

It's a lot of work. It's a lot of amazing, powerful work. And BARCC is able to do it partly through grants, but mostly through people like you, who support BARCC in the fight against sexual violence.
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