Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

So hey guys! That was super-eventful! Here's the catch-up.

Judah came home on Friday. <3 He's now on insulin, and he's managing that very well. Blood sugar is not yet where they want it, but it's a lot closer, and we were told it would take time.

I brought Judah home and promptly had an attack of the chronic-illness st00pidbrain as soon as the adrenaline subsided, followed the next morning by a migraine. I'm okay now! But that's why the lack of substantive updates. (I did miss Vericon, which sucks, but partner-in-the-hospital is a legit reason.)

is this upcoming weekend. People in the general vicinity of Smith: where are the good gluten-free places?

Judah isn't sure yet if he can go - plane tickets are expensive, and then there's the five days away from work for him. So I'm looking at probably going myself. It's cheaper to fly into Chicago and take the bus than to fly into Madison itself - any other Bostonians doing that? Travel buddies?

The Cat's Name Is
Sebastian. Count Sebastian Ampersand Vorcattigan Engineer the 3rd. Bash. Judah added Sebastian, and yeah, it fits him perfectly; he's Sebastian or Bastian when he's being regal, and Bash when he's a ginormous kitty wrecking ball.

Elayna's Birthday
deserves its own post. It was perfect.

My Parents
have been and gone, leaving a new TV and, soon, new glasses in their wake.

BPAL Reviews
Since I'm here.
Vivamus, Mes Lesbia, Atque Amemus: Ethiopian ambrette seed, summer honey, Alpine lavender, cognac, mate resinoid, peru balsam, and red musk
In bottle: Weird lavender/cognac blend, with the balsam just beneath.
On me: Oh hai cognac. Step aside, let something else come through! Or... just... fade to nothing? Nothing with a ghost of lavender? Hrmph.

Sic Erit: Red amber, benzoin, red musk, bourbon geranium, oak bark, Atlas cedar, and 13-year aged Sumatran patchouli
In bottle: Mostly benzoin and amber...
On me: Tiny wisps of woodsy sweetness from the cedar and oak, but I *really* have to huff it deeply to catch any of it.

And so
I am here sorting out my everything after an extraordinary two weeks.
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