Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

While I'm waiting for Judah's call... is the backstory!

He'd been losing weight over the past few months and feeling generally fatigued, but he thought it was just stress. (Startups, man.) He was always hungry, but couldn't put on any weight. Unbeknownst to me, he'd recently started to be thirsty all the time. He mentioned that to his stepmother on Monday, and she and his dad urged him to go to a doctor ASAP, which he did yesterday.

Now, the thing is, Judah has not had health insurance. He applied for Commonwealth Care, borked the first attempt and landed the second; his insurance was set to kick in on April 1st. So the doctor only did a urine test, because Judah was paying out of pocket and bloodwork is super expensive.

Sugar in his urine sample. Doctor said "You need to go to the ER, because you could be in diabetic ketoacidosis."

To the ER he went! And in triage, he had a blood glucose level of 500, which is superdoubleplusnotgood. >.< By the time I got there, they'd pushed insulin, which brought him down to 157 - but the descent was too rapid and had him woozy. Then he had a sandwich, which bumped him up to 230, which is apparently too much for a sandwich...

...yeah, lucky Judah, he developed a condition that I do not yet know like the back of my hand! Adam's diabetic, but not SuperDiabetic like this; he's never required insulin or even regularly blood glucose testing. So we're all learning, and since I know many of you are diabetic or are caretakers, I'm just throwing all the info I have up here and hopefully it can be sorted out.

They were originally just going to put him into a regular hospital room for observation, but since he wasn't stabilizing and was considered too brittle, they put him in the ICU. At some point in the night, he got moved to stepdown care (literally a step down from ICU-level care, and a step up from a regular hospital ward). The nurse I spoke to this morning was the one who had him last night; she says that he's stabilized and his sugar has been under 200 most of the night.

So. That's the story so far! Judah just called, and I'll be on my way over shortly. *nod*
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