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Real quick though: I will be at Vericon (Harvard, 3/22-23) for the first time! (Other panelists include Tamora Pierce, Greer Gilman, N.K. Jemisin, Jennifer Pelland, and Jo Walton, so, y'know, that may be relevant to your interests.)

My schedule:

Friday 7:00pm: Worldbuilding: Speculative fiction often involves creating worlds that are to varying degrees, different from our own. How do writers work to create internally logical worlds? How do they incorporate elements of our world into their own creations? And when the other-worldly nature of their creations isn't necessarily made explicit, how do they manipulate our understanding of our own world to hint at fantastical, unreal elements? (with Jeffrey Carver, N. K. Jemisin, and Greer Gilman.)

Saturday 10:30am: Feminism in Speculative Fiction: How are women portrayed in speculative fiction? How do authors develop characters, storylines, even worlds that can illustrate various understandings of female/feminine identity; that reinvent or redefine these identities, transgress outdated social norms, and even develop new prototypes for the female and the feminine? (with Tamora Pierce, Jo Walton, N. K. Jemisin, Jennifer Pelland, and Greer Gilman.)

Saturday 12:30pm: Constructing Identity: Whether it's developing plausible and relatable first person selves as points of view, or fleshing out realistic (or unrealistic) third person characters that make sense in a story, an integral part of almost all fiction writing is the construction of identity. How do different authors address the task, the process of creating identity in their writing? (with N. K. Jemisin, Jennifer Pelland, Seanan McGuire, and possibly Jo Walton.)

Signing from 2:30-3:15pm at the Harvard Bookstore with Greer Gilman and Jennifer Pelland, so um hey if you have any of the books I'm in and you're local? Bring them by, because otherwise I'll just be hanging out and knitting.

And reading as part of their informal Milk and Cookies thing, which is from 8-10pm on Saturday. *nod*
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