Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Count Ampersand Vorcattigan Engineer the 3rd


Behold the new cat in all his glory.

As planned, we went to the MSPCA shelter on Saturday. Elayna and I both had a strong feeling that we would find Our Cat that day; the guys were trying to manage our expectations, but we could not be managed!

Our criteria were mostly visual: The cat could not be a tuxedo (like Jack) or a tabby (like Tor). Obviously, the cat had to potentially get on well with other cats. We ruled out a lot of the cats at the shelter just based on those initial criteria. (Anyone in Boston who wants just one cat: they have a gorgeous tortie there.) Based on initial exploration, we were considering one of the four black cats.

And then we walked into one of the cat rooms (most of the cats are in multi-level cages).


And this guy trotted up to us like "Oh, there you are. Let's go!"

We was friendly, he was playful, he was sweet, he was enormous and incredibly soft, and we were all instantly in love. Oh, cat. Omigosh.

But he was twelve. We were looking for a young cat. There was one out in a cage who was three, beautiful white cat with heterochromia, seemed marvelous, did headbutts...

But this guy. This guy was our guy.

In the shelter, he was named Bunz. YES WITH A Z. He is not a Bunz. When you pet him, you can see why they called him that - he is floofy like an angora bunny! But he's not a Bunz.


Reader, we adopted him. We brought him home. He pooped himself in the car, all over that long fur! Judah and I did our best to clean him when we got home, but... he needed a bath to get it all out.

And this cat who had known us for hours submitted to Judah giving him a bath. And, as soon as the shower door was opened, went right back to purring and giving him love. We brought people up to meet him that night; every time, he came right out and said hi. He loves people. He loves belly rubs. He purrs constantly.

His name is Count Ampersand Vorcattigan Engineer the 3rd.


We'd been saying for years that we wanted one of stealthcello's Maine Coons as our next cat. She's taking a break from breeding, though. So we resigned ourself to waiting.

But Ampersand? Ampersand is one enormous cat, with the galumphy paws and the epic ruff, and if he's not part Maine Coon I'll eat my hat.


He and Max have checked each other out on opposite sides of an open door, and neither reacted negatively. Ampersand will get checked out at the vet Thursday, and then we'll begin their introductions.

I think Max will love him, though.

We already do.
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