Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

After Jack died, it was a while before we could even think of adopting another cat; we'd really only gotten to that point when Tor suddenly died.

To my surprise, Elayna was ready for a new cat ASAP; she says she'll do better with a new little friend. Judah wasn't ready, though, so we were looking into rodents or reptiles.

And then Max set us all straight.

Max is a chocolate-point Siamese. The first thing people usually say when they find out I have a 'mese is "Oh, he must be really vocal!" But Max has always been a quiet cat. You can hear his purr from across the room, but he has never been chatty like most Siamese cats.

Until Jack died. He and Jack were brothers - not biologically, but they were bros, man. So Max started to get chattier, maybe just to fill the silence. (Jack was a big talker.)

And then Tor died.

And we have not had a single night since where he has not been YOWLING.

He and Tor weren't close. But he is alone now in a way he hasn't been in a decade. And he hates it. Whenever someone is in the room with him, he is on that person like white on rice. When he's alone - *yoooowwwwwwwwlllll* He is clearly, painfully, terribly lonely.

So Max has made that decision for us. We all agree that we need another cat, if only to keep our poor little old man company.

So we are officially in the market.

We are looking at shelter kitties. We're especially open to adult cats, which are harder to place than kittens. We'd love a bonded pair. Basically, if a cat is harder to place for any other reason than FIV/FeLK or expensive medical needs, we would like to see if that's the cat(s) for us. (Kittens are easy to adopt out. Kittens don't need us. Adult cat who needs daily inexpensive medicine? We can do that, and not everyone can.)

So locals, if you see anything cross your internets regarding cats who need a home in a hurry, do let me know. My Max needs new friends.
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