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Stone Telling 9: Menagerie is HERE!

Originally posted by shweta_narayan at Stone Telling 9: Menagerie is HERE!
Originally posted by rose_lemberg at Stone Telling 9: Menagerie is HERE!
Dear Friends of Stone Telling,

After many delays due to overwhelming life circumstances beyond our control, the ninth issue of Stone Telling is finally LIVE! It features JT Stewart with five poems, an introduction by Eileen Gunn, and a review by Amal El-Mohtar (tithenai); it also includes poetry by Dominik Parisien (domparisien), Alyza Taguilaso, Lisa M. Bradley (cafenowhere), Mat Joiner (ashlyme), Bogi Takács (prezzey), Brianna Belle Sulzener, Ishita Basu Mallik, Michele Bannister (selidor), Minal Hajratwala, and Neile Graham (neile), as well as an article by Kari Sperring (la_marquise_de_), a review by Mike Allen (time_shark) and a roundtable led by Julia Rios (skogkatt).

As always, enormous thanks to my teammates Shweta Narayan (shweta_narayan), Jennifer Smith (dormouse_in_tea), and Julia Rios (skogkatt) for their tireless work.

Starting on March 1, 2013 we will be reading for Body. From the guidelines: "We are hoping to feature such themes as (dis)abilities both physical and mental, neuroatypicality, queerness, aging, body acceptance, perceptions of beauty, as well as many others. If you are not sure if something fits, please try us. We are also at this time accepting non-fiction proposals to fit this theme."

Again, if you are unsure, please send us it. :)
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